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It has become apparent to me that there are millions of people who are frustrated with Microsoft products. Yet, Microsoft continues to have office suite and desktop market share. The competition continues to grow, ever so slowly. Microsoft’s failure is imminent but it might take longer than June 30, 2011.

We will see.

So, why do so many of us continue to use Microsoft products?

Some of us just bare it as someone else made our software choice for us. Folks don’t want to make a fuss when it comes to having a peaceful home or a decent relationship with management. In the silence though, I wonder… Do people choose Microsoft for others because they believe that their office and house mates can not handle change?

Change is hard. Even for those who loathe the status quo.

Many feel stuck. Heck, I feel stuck. Best Buy is the largest electronics store chain in North America yet they refuse to sell anything but Microsoft computers. Not a single Apple, let alone Ubuntu or some other Linux.

Sure, one could go to online to a quality Linux OEM like Zareason or go to an Apple store but that is not easy enough. It was with profound disappointment I learned that my mother bought a Windows 7 system. She bought it because an office supply store emailed her an online deal which also gets her airline miles.

Yeah, mom has requested that I install Ubuntu on her computer. Yet, Microsoft got their money. Mom gets a 1/15th of a free flight. One daughter’s dream of seeing the end to Microsoft’s market share has been sold out cheap.

Still, the ideals of software freedom are priceless to me. I know I am not alone. Anyone who has been around technology for awhile knows that Microsoft is a litigation company who selectively shared source code with China when Red Flag Linux showed up. Do you care too?

When I launched this site, I figured I was a little more than an observer in the Microsoft customer exodus. My work with the Ohio Linux Fest keeps me plenty busy. At the time that seemed enough.

Low and beyond, a tribe formed around the dream of Microsoft’s loss of market share at I enjoyed watching the hits come in with w3counter, a cost-free web analytics site. However, due to blog rolls and rss feeds, I am really unsure of how many people really care about the dream of a future where Microsoft lacks majority market share.

With that, I need you to do a favor for me… register your interest by clicking LIKE.

There will be two ways I will metric the “register your interest” experiment.

1. The number of “Likes” clicked.

2. If search engines rank this “register your interest” page above Microsoft’s “register your interest” page.

So, if you care enough to imagine a world with less Microsoft…

Please care enough to like this page.

Thank you for regisering your interest, Sincerely, Beth Lynn Eicher.

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