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Mass Produce FOSS Mission:

We are looking for a corporation who will produce a CD with Firefox and for Windows and MacOS. These CDs should be either at low cost or no cost and avialable to retail stores in as many markets aso possible. Non-profits and for profit companies welcome. The CDs must be professionally pressed. The media and packaging can contain your logo if desired. You do not need to inform or ask permission from What Will We Use if you are going to do this but we would appriecate a hello. Comment here if you think you can help.

Better webstats Mission

We are looking for website admins and wordpress bloggers who will use w3counter to track their web activity. This is a no-cost service from w3counter. You do not need to inform us that you are using w3counter as it automatically feeds your results into the global stats. Companies, clubs, and individuals welcome regardless of what browser, operating system, or office suite you use.

PR of this Blog

Link us and google will love us. Use these buttons if you like. We would love some snazzier looking buttons and a logo. Comment if you can help.

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  1. Scott says:

    I may be able to concoct a couple of nicer buttons for you to use. I’ll play around in GIMP and email you when I have something to show.

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