DiY Education

Life long learning is essential. My current interests entail learning how to be a better leader for the close-to-my-heart causes. Taking formal MBA classes is on the “someday-maybe” list due to the many efforts, including this website, that already have my attention and commitment. In the meantime, I pursue Do-It-Yourself education.

My primary classroom is Toastmasters International. The programs within Toastmasters International are excellent for gaining experience in a team environment. I have earned Competent Communicator and a Competent Leader certification.  My current studies are facilitating discussion, speaking at special occasions, and resolving conflict.

I prefer community colleges when taking classes. They cost less money and the instructors tend to have real world experience. At the moment, I am learning at the Community College of Allegheny County’s Non Profit Professional Mini Expo. There I learn about raising money by increasing my circle of influence.

Recently I found Khan Academy. Learning by internet video is simply brilliant.

My library card is well used. Whenever I have an interest, I check out a book. If it is a helpful book, I buy it and recommend it to others.

Reading List:


Community Leadership

Life and Time Management


Project Management

Open Source History and Culture

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