Fodder give us all something to chew on.

Every day we see sources that are demonstrate we are progressing to Microsoft lacking majority market share on June 30, 2011. It is all happening so fast that we do not have time to write about everything. If you want to help, please post a link and why it is important in the comments. Those who want to contribute more should consider writing for us as an author.

These sources are fodder which gives us fuel to continue the discussion of “Could Microsoft lose majority market share?” and “What will we use instead?” Here we will categorize the fodder by flavor.

Product Comparisons

Microsoft and Associates Fighting For Microsoft’s Market Share

Testimonies from places where Microsoft lacks majority market share

A Microsoft-free household.

Non-Microsoft Companies Holding their own

Open source companies ask for US government for stimulus cash.

Microsoft Responds to Piracy

Microsoft being unresponsive to user needs:

Other Predictions & Market Share Commentary

People going MAC:

Rob Landley, Linux embedded developer, going MAC on the desktop.

Other works of the authors:

Please Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
Beth Lynn Eicher’s closing remarks at the Ohio LinuxFest 2008. When elitism ends, there is nothing that free software can’t do.

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