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This is message from the editor-owner of this blog, Beth Lynn Eicher.

Comments on this blog are encouraged but we need to set some policies at this time. Due to some activities on other blogs, it becomes apparent that we need to publish a policy here on this site. Everyone so far has been appropriate and I thank you for that.

Comment Policy:

1. All comments will be screened.

2. Your IP address, operating system and browser will be logged. If Mackenize, Moose, or I approve your comment, your operating system and browser will be posted along side your post. Should your comment be rejected, your logs will be available for our reference. The plugin providing this service is called “Browser Sniff” which fails to properly report Chrome-based browsers and Windows 7.  Browser Sniff is not related to w3counter so rest assured, the monthly visitor stats are accurate even though the comments are not.

3. Comments must not be personal attacks to the editors, the article author, or the other commenters.

4. Comments that discuss violence or contain threats will not be posted. It will be the discretion of the editors, to turn your post over to the authorities. This is being safe and smart.

5. Your comment may be considered spam if you attempt to plug a product or a website that has nothing to do with the purpose of this blog: the status of Microsoft’s market share.

6. You may post your opinions. Those who believe that Microsoft and its products will survive the test of time are especially welcome. Intelligent debate is encouraged. As long as your language is clean and your argument is on topic, your post will be approved.

7. Discussion that is not related to Microsoft products, competing products, market share, or other uses of computer information technology is likely to be rejected. We do not have time off-topic debate.

8. Not all comments that call for response from the editors or other authors will be responded to. We are busy people. It is our individual discretion if we want to engage in the discussion or not. This is simple time management.

9. Comments, when approved, are posted on the bottom in order of submission by WordPress default. If you want your comment to rank higher on the page, comment sooner next time.

On the subject of censorship:
I, Beth Lynn Eicher, have bankrolled the existence of this website. Therefore, I have full authority to make the rules. You have the freedom of speech if you are an American. But, if you have a problem with the comment policy here, then create your own resources in which to publish your opinion. My freedom of speech is exercised when I decide to reject comments that are off-message or are in bad taste. Don’t like my comment policy? Go find your own resources.

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3 Responses to Comment Policy

  1. Todd Peterson says:

    This policy sounds a bit grumpy to me. No need to be grumpy.

  2. Ed says:

    I think this sounds like a direct, honest, and straight-forward policy. @Todd better to lay it all out beforehand than have to backtrack later!

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