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What is an office suite?

The question of what is an office suite is debate-able as the computing culture warms up to web-based applications with little to no install footprint. In this page we will discuss and update the profiles of some of the more … Continue reading

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Admin: Changes to

I have been tinkering with for the past few days. Sorry for the confusion. Right now I have settled with a configuration that should carry us to mid 2011. The Reasons for Change I’ve upgraded to “Comment Info Detector” … Continue reading

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Oracle’s Open Office

Today Oracle emailed me to invite me to purchase their office suite, “Oracle Open Office.” As an Star Office and OpenOffice.Org user of about 10 years, you might think I would be angry at Oracle for monetizing a free software … Continue reading

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February Market Share Report

Thanks for hanging in there folks for the What Will We Use Browser and Operating Systems reports. In February, we had 1,691 unique readers. This is amazing considering that I have not had time to post much. Nonetheless, Microsoft continues … Continue reading

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One neighborhood changing the world part two

I have never met Mr. Starks, better known as Helios. Nor visited his educational charity, the HeliOS Project in Austin Texas. Yet, I was glad to be able to help. My job as a Linux system administrator, a debt-free life … Continue reading

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Open Office’s market share in my circle of influence

I believe in something that Stephen Covey calls the “Circle of Influence.” Even though I am only one person, when I need something really important accomplished, I start with the areas of my life that I can personally change. By … Continue reading

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a brother for my mother – a sister to my neighbor

Like I promised, I did not go out to the stores on Friday November 27 but today I felt the urge to hit the market. There are not too many choices in town for electronics since Circuit City and CompUSA … Continue reading

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The begining of the end

So what do you have to say for yourself Microsoft? As Chairman, Bill Gates stayed pretty silent on the Android issue at the November 19, 2009 stockholders meeting. Steve Ballmer, the current CEO of Microsoft, decided to discuss the issue … Continue reading

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In Microsoft We Trust?

On American paper money, you will find the phrase “In God We Trust.” Even though it is Constitutionally not a requirement to believe that phrase literally, it goes to show you that there are very few things that Americans hold … Continue reading

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Open Source outside the USA

As an American, I see the “Noboby gets fired for buying Microsoft” continuing to the the commonplace. Microsoft’s products have a habit of forcing institutions to deploy more of their products and upgrade their products. Take this example of how … Continue reading

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