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The Foundations of a Community: Western PA Linux User Group – Part One

´╗┐´╗┐WPLUG is the Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. The official founding of the group is dated to September 26, 1997 at 11:37:08 EDT. I was not there as I was still a frustrated yet loyal … Continue reading

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A year from today Microsoft will lack a majority market share.

One year ago at the South East LinuxFest, I, Beth Lynn Eicher indulged in a friendly bet with my friend Nick. “Ubuntu’s Bug One will be resolved in 24 months,” I said. “I’ll bet you $20 that bug one is … Continue reading

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Counting Office Suite – June 2010

Since we are almost 12 months from the deadline of Microsoft’s loss of the office suite majority market share, we do need to discuss how to count. Below is my proposal, subject to Nick’s approval, for counting office market share. … Continue reading

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Oracle’s Open Office

Today Oracle emailed me to invite me to purchase their office suite, “Oracle Open Office.” As an Star Office and OpenOffice.Org user of about 10 years, you might think I would be angry at Oracle for monetizing a free software … Continue reading

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