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Yahoo! Microsoft and Y!ou

A little over 3 months ago, I blogged about how Yahoo! and how the continue to compete and do well where Microsoft falters. When other bloggers speculated that Microsoft was going to acquire Yahoo!, I assured you all that Microsoft … Continue reading

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Browser and Operating System Report – October 2009

The month of October was simply amazing. We had 3,170 unique ip addresses. When we compare it to our 869 visitors of September, that is over 350% growth. Admittedly, the increased traffic was due to a news-worthy incident that occurred … Continue reading

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In Microsoft We Trust?

On American paper money, you will find the phrase “In God We Trust.” Even though it is Constitutionally not a requirement to believe that phrase literally, it goes to show you that there are very few things that Americans hold … Continue reading

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Windows 7 launch party

It has been a week now since the Windows 7 release. I confess that I had not picked up my own copy in the store yet. Seeing that I don’t live near a brick and mortar Microsoft store, I have … Continue reading

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Open Source outside the USA

As an American, I see the “Noboby gets fired for buying Microsoft” continuing to the the commonplace. Microsoft’s products have a habit of forcing institutions to deploy more of their products and upgrade their products. Take this example of how … Continue reading

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You may qualify for a Windows 7 upgrade!

Apparently Circuit City is still alive as an online retailer. They have this Ubuntu computer for sale which is great but if you scroll down you see a “You may qualify for a Windows 7 upgrade!” Now, this is likely … Continue reading

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Marketing FOSS [part 2]

In Part 1, I wrote about ways we can get the word out about the software we use every day for our work and hobbies. Today, I’d like to discuss how we can let people know that there is an … Continue reading

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New User Retention

New users have a lot of potential. They are potential developers, potential advocates, potential documentation writers, potential artwork contributors, potential testers, and potential support providers. We want to harness that potential. We can’t harness it if they get scared off … Continue reading

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Editor’s Note: Linux Dairy Council

The Linux Dairy Council is the idea of Zonker of the Open SUSE project. Anyone who is interested in being a part of solving the problem of how will Linux compete with the marketing giant of Microsoft is welcome at … Continue reading

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Marketing FOSS [part 1]

In my opinion, our biggest problem right now is marketing. There are three categories of people we really need to reach out to: Those who last tried a Linux distro more than 5 or 10 years ago Those who’ve been … Continue reading

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