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Open Letter from a Microsoft Share Holder

Dear Microsoft, I am a shareholder of your company. The world is still waiting for your Q4 FY2010 report so that we will know how much money you made as of June 30, 2010. We are all on Microsoft Chief … Continue reading

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I am Fedora

My name is Beth Lynn Eicher and I am Fedora. Before Apple’s “I am a Mac and he’s a PC” ads, long before Microsoft’s “I am a PC and Windows 7 is my idea,” Red Hat Inc. had released a … Continue reading

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Making free pay

This post is in response to where Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst asks “Do you have new ideas of what next-generation business models might be?” Observe the picture on this post. On the left is a copy of “Free” … Continue reading

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Microsoft lacks edge

Yesterday Microsoft decided to sue Salesforce, a web based customer relations management (CRM) system. Microsoft’s beef? They do not like how Salesforce displays menus in browsers. Now, I prefer SugarCRM, an open source product similar to Salesforce. Microsoft also has … Continue reading

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Photo post: Microsoft mobile ads in Dallas airport

Here in Dallas TEXAS airport, there are power stations at the gate like as pictured. Look closely at the phone adverised… Windows! All of this marketing only gives Microsoft 2% marketshare. How did I use the power station? To charge … Continue reading

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Restoration of Service

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It was not for lack of things to write about. Nor am I afraid of any trolls. Instead I had to pause to take care of something in my life that has nothing … Continue reading

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Forecasts for 2010, 2011, and beyond

This website and associated services has cost me over $350 for the full 2 years of service. I admit that it is a little silly over a $20 bet. When some people make predictions, they say something without ever expecting … Continue reading

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Open Office’s market share in my circle of influence

I believe in something that Stephen Covey calls the “Circle of Influence.” Even though I am only one person, when I need something really important accomplished, I start with the areas of my life that I can personally change. By … Continue reading

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Seeking the general population

In many ways, I am the exception, not the rule. I am an American which puts me in 4.53% of the world’s population. I am over 25 years old with a Bachelor’s degree which puts me with 27.4% of my … Continue reading

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some girls go for gadgets

Yesterday when I got home from the office supply store, my husband asked, “Do you want to go to the mall?” This time we went to South Hills Village Mall which is not the same mall where I picked up … Continue reading

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