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Open Letter from a Microsoft Share Holder

Dear Microsoft, I am a shareholder of your company. The world is still waiting for your Q4 FY2010 report so that we will know how much money you made as of June 30, 2010. We are all on Microsoft Chief … Continue reading

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What will I buy?

Regardless of what Darryl the Microsoft fanbody VMS developer from Australia does, I bought stocks celebrate the wonderful success of What Will We Use. What Did I Buy 20 shares of ARMH– the low-power microprocessor behind Apple iPhone 4 and … Continue reading

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A year from today Microsoft will lack a majority market share.

One year ago at the South East LinuxFest, I, Beth Lynn Eicher indulged in a friendly bet with my friend Nick. “Ubuntu’s Bug One will be resolved in 24 months,” I said. “I’ll bet you $20 that bug one is … Continue reading

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Gift of a desktop Part 2

I happen to live in a pretty nice part of the world. Food and clean water are ample. Most households have electricity and broadband Internet. A child’s exposure to technology should never be predicated on an ability to pay for … Continue reading

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Microsoft sells software like its 1984

In the 1980’s IBM, convinced that there was only money in hardware, licensed the operating systems for desktop computers to Microsoft Corporation. The PC was born. Software was shipped as a¬† boxed set with disks and manuals. Want more software? … Continue reading

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Video post: bug one resolved by Google according to “The Street”

Sorry this video seems to require full flash. It claims Google resolved bug one: browsers, operating systems, and office suite dominance. If anyone knows of a youtube or other accessible source of this footage, please leave a comment. Actual story … Continue reading

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Browsing for a new way to surf the web

March 2010 will prove to be a critical month in ending Microsoft’s chances of having majority browser market share. All of the sudden, people world wide will be asking themselves, “What will we use?” I believe that every person should … Continue reading

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Killer Applications that make 800 pound gorillas tremble

We have only 575 days until Microsoft’s market share crumbles. Some may call me crazy since even more favorable market share counters like w3counter list Linux market share¬†hovering close to 2% and MacOSX close to 7.5%. Why do I maintain … Continue reading

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Why do I care if Bing goes down?

The short answer is that it is the default search engine of Internet Explorer. This outage made people realize, at least for 40 minutes, that there are tools out there other than Microsoft. The claim that Microsoft has majority market … Continue reading

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some girls go for gadgets

Yesterday when I got home from the office supply store, my husband asked, “Do you want to go to the mall?” This time we went to South Hills Village Mall which is not the same mall where I picked up … Continue reading

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