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How would I cash out?

My view point is an American professional system administrator with 13 years experience. Since my ability to comment on how embedded systems (specifically ATMs) should work has come into question, I am going to go into my professional background on … Continue reading

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Browser and Operating System Report – October 2009

The month of October was simply amazing. We had 3,170 unique ip addresses. When we compare it to our 869 visitors of September, that is over 350% growth. Admittedly, the increased traffic was due to a news-worthy incident that occurred … Continue reading

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Be the change in the world you seek.

Now that the Ohio LinuxFest is over, there will be long awaited changes, stories, updates, content to this blog. Of course there will be an update on how things went at the Ohio LinuxFest. Please stay tuned. For now check … Continue reading

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How will we count

On Friday, July 17 2009 this blog was was officially relaunched. It has been 5 days and we have had 126 unique visitors as tracked with W3Counter and Site Analytics that came with the hosting account. It has been quite … Continue reading

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Admin: Welcome home

First of all, I have to say thank you to the readers who followed me over from my personal livejournal blog.  It will stay there if there is something in my personal life that I, Beth Lynn Eicher, wish to … Continue reading

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post 1: Defining where Microsoft has significant market share

Microsoft is striving for majority market share for all that they do. World domination is their plan so this 2 year voyage is based on the scope of all computing on planet earth. Currently has has their fingers or at … Continue reading

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