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Forecasts for 2010, 2011, and beyond

This website and associated services has cost me over $350 for the full 2 years of service. I admit that it is a little silly over a $20 bet. When some people make predictions, they say something without ever expecting … Continue reading

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More FUD Please

A commenter a few posts back assertsthat I, Beth Lynn Eicher, give the Free and Open Source community a bad name because I said that Microsoft executes Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt. I could site example by example of where Microsoft spends their time, money, … Continue reading

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Mark Shuttleworth dials it up a notch while Jane Silber takes the lead

On August 20, 2004, Mark Shuttleworth filed the first trouble ticket that affects the Ubuntu Linux distribution:  “Microsoft has a majority market share.” This blog is based on the bet that this very issue will be resolved by June 30, … Continue reading

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Seeking the general population

In many ways, I am the exception, not the rule. I am an American which puts me in 4.53% of the world’s population. I am over 25 years old with a Bachelor’s degree which puts me with 27.4% of my … Continue reading

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Why do I care if Bing goes down?

The short answer is that it is the default search engine of Internet Explorer. This outage made people realize, at least for 40 minutes, that there are tools out there other than Microsoft. The claim that Microsoft has majority market … Continue reading

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Let’s Tweet

What will we use now has a twitter account: wwwuse The amount of links that people have sent me over private email and facebook have been overwhelming. If you have breaking news to bring to our attention, please leave it … Continue reading

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The begining of the end

So what do you have to say for yourself Microsoft? As Chairman, Bill Gates stayed pretty silent on the Android issue at the November 19, 2009 stockholders meeting. Steve Ballmer, the current CEO of Microsoft, decided to discuss the issue … Continue reading

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Yahoo! Microsoft and Y!ou

A little over 3 months ago, I blogged about how Yahoo! and how the continue to compete and do well where Microsoft falters. When other bloggers speculated that Microsoft was going to acquire Yahoo!, I assured you all that Microsoft … Continue reading

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The road to going Droid, part three

I continued to use PalmOS internet-less but was quickly bored. Then I moved onto the Sharp Zaurus, a Linux based PDA. With a $100 CF 802.11b card, the Zaurus could browse the web on a color screen as long as … Continue reading

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Need an app for that? MOTU Mackenzie Morgan has us covered

Congratulations to Mackenzie Morgan, who is one of Ubuntu’s newest members of the “Masters of the Universe” MOTU team. For those who do not know, Mackenzie is a co-editor of this blog. Even though she has not been writing lately, … Continue reading

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