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Browsing for a new way to surf the web

March 2010 will prove to be a critical month in ending Microsoft’s chances of having majority browser market share. All of the sudden, people world wide will be asking themselves, “What will we use?” I believe that every person should … Continue reading

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February Market Share Report

Thanks for hanging in there folks for the What Will We Use Browser and Operating Systems reports. In February, we had 1,691 unique readers. This is amazing considering that I have not had time to post much. Nonetheless, Microsoft continues … Continue reading

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One neighborhood changing the world part two

I have never met Mr. Starks, better known as Helios. Nor visited his educational charity, the HeliOS Project in Austin Texas. Yet, I was glad to be able to help. My job as a Linux system administrator, a debt-free life … Continue reading

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Restoration of Service

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It was not for lack of things to write about. Nor am I afraid of any trolls. Instead I had to pause to take care of something in my life that has nothing … Continue reading

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What would Al Gore use?

Almost a month ago I asked the “what will we use” question of the former United States Senator and Vice President because he had the forsight to invest in Google instead of taking Bill Gates’ mobile computing promises to heart. I don’t blame him … Continue reading

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bug one resolved, at least in one mall, thanks to Apple

There happens to be an Apple store in South Hills Village Mall. I checked it out after photographing the Droid booth. For those who have never been to an Apple store, it is a place were one can go and … Continue reading

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some girls go for gadgets

Yesterday when I got home from the office supply store, my husband asked, “Do you want to go to the mall?” This time we went to South Hills Village Mall which is not the same mall where I picked up … Continue reading

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Road to going Droid, Finale

For a few months I have considered what my next phone will be. I knew that it had to be either Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint since other carriers do not have a good reputation for quality coverage in my area. … Continue reading

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The road to going Droid, part three

I continued to use PalmOS internet-less but was quickly bored. Then I moved onto the Sharp Zaurus, a Linux based PDA. With a $100 CF 802.11b card, the Zaurus could browse the web on a color screen as long as … Continue reading

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Need an app for that? MOTU Mackenzie Morgan has us covered

Congratulations to Mackenzie Morgan, who is one of Ubuntu’s newest members of the “Masters of the Universe” MOTU team. For those who do not know, Mackenzie is a co-editor of this blog. Even though she has not been writing lately, … Continue reading

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