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Beth Lynn and Nick at the Ohio LinuxFest 2009

Beth Lynn and Nick at the Ohio LinuxFest 2009

Beth Lynn and Nick are members of Western PA Linux Users’s Group which meets in Pittsburgh, PA. Together, they journeyed to the first South East LinuxFest in Clemson, South Carolina. After experiencing a wonderful conference, Beth Lynn was full of optimism. Two particular topics caught her attention.

1. Amber Granger lead a discussion titled “Why not you?” which examined the factors that delay people from choosing Linux and open source software.

2. Michelle and Micheal Hall of Qimo Linux talked about how growing up with free software is both a dream and a reality for the improvised children of their home town and Florida.

With this new found optimism, Beth Lynn made the bold claim that in 24 months Microsoft will no longer have majority market share. Nick decided to hold Beth Lynn to her promises by betting her $20. Mackenize Morgan was present to witness the bet.

This blog will have posts from Beth Lynn as “ble” or “The Editor”, Nick, Mackenzie, and Amber. Vance is a friend of Beth Lynn and Nick who also enjoys using the Linux operating system. To add the MacOS voices to the perspective, we welcome Jon Buys and Mark Dalrymple. This blog could use a few more writers, especially, at least one writer who likes Microsoft products.

Beth Lynn has yet to find someone who loves Microsoft who is not on their payroll, let alone, someone who is willing to blog about how much they love Microsoft as a labor of love. Yet, there are millions of Linux, Mac, and BSD enthusiasts who love to tell the world how much they love the software they use. The dirth of Microsoft fans contributes to the theory that Microsoft will lose majority market share.

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