Making not using Microsoft pay

Personally, I have enjoyed a career of using, supporting and deploying Linux technologies for the past twelve years. Lately, I’ve been getting phone calls and emails that suggest the ways not of Microsoft are in high demand. If you too don’t use Microsoft, I suggest you check the new What Will We Use website:

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  1. Ted says:

    The link didn’t work. does.

    Mixed feelings about their site:

    Easy to find listings … that’s cool. And they seemed relevant and from a number of different backend pools (dice, jobfox, etc.)

    But … nearly every position also listed Microsoft Server experience as being at least preferred and that makes me wonder.

    Does their search algorithm need work in order to exclude listings having the word “Windows” in it? Does someone feel it enough to label the job as a Linux role and then expect directly supporting Windows? –That would make me wonder exactly what the Windows teams in those environments really do! Or, does simply having knowledge of running that “terrible application turned messy, petri-dish-of-a-quasi-OS” Server edition install folks with wisdom enough to be a better admin/engineer?

    Regardless of the answer(s) to any of the above, freedom to me doesn’t me “only in a cage part of the time.”

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