The Benefits of a VPS and Linux

The following is a guest post from Jean Watson, Advertising writer Ms. Watson will discuss how you can use a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to leverage the power of the Linux cloud for a dollar a day… or less! The ‘cloud’ simply means that wherever the Internet is, you are and VPS’s make that possible. Individuals, small businesses, and non-profits can use a VPS for an Internet server, hosted by professionals, without hardware or broadband costs. Go ahead and host a website, email, and community management system for everyone who works with you….or achieve location independence by hosting your files in one central location. With Linux and Free Software, you can escape the Windows desktop environment and achieve higher heights.

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The Benefits of a VPS and Linux

Numerous types of web hosting services are available to webmasters. However in terms of cost effective operation and high quality performance a Virtual Private Server in conjunction with Linux operating system is the best option. VPS servers offer a high level of safety and control over the management aspects of your web hosting situation. They also work seamlessly with the easy to use and flexible Linux environment.

A virtual private server is basically a physical web hosting server partitioned into individual servers. These individual virtual servers each serve an individual user and are not affected by the other sections of the main physical server. Since each server acts independently it carries many of the same benefits that a high end dedicated server provides. However the cost of a virtual private server hosting package is more similar to the less expensive sharing hosting option.

A list of benefits offer by a VPS includes:
Since resources are dedicated to a single user, overall performance is increased in terms of page load speeds. Shared hosting which constantly allocates resources between different users cannot match the dedicated server setup of VPS. Multiple domains hosted by a shared hosting account can normally absorb a great share of performance capability. VPS can handle multiple websites much better because resources don’t have to be shared with other hosting customers simultaneously.
Shared web hosting supports a number of user accounts on the same server, opening up the possibility of a security breach from a neighboring website hosted on the same machine. With VPS each virtual server operates exclusively as a single operating system. This eliminates the possibility of hackers gaining access to your server through another user account on the same machine.
Virtual private server hosting operates as an independent system. Any software modifications or other changes made to websites by other hosting customers will have no impact upon your own website and hosting account. Your virtual private server’s resources are not drained by sudden surges of activity by other hosting accounts.
Flexibility VPS offers you complete control over the type of operating system you wish to use. The size of your VPS server can change to your exact requirements. You have the option to add or remove any software or other applications you want.
Linux offers an array of advantages that other operating systems used throughout the world cannot match. It excels in security features, multitasking, network compatibility and performance capabilities while at the same time staying user friendly. The wide array of individual programmers and groups of developers associated with the advancement of Linux make it a versatile, expandable and powerful operating platform to run. Due to the large community of support available surrounding Linux, an answer to almost any question concerning the operation and use of Linux can be accessed. Linux offers the security, scalability and flexibility to run on any type of web hosting server ranging from the most expensive high end servers platforms to the least expensive low end server options.

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    hello..i can say it is very good content. and yes i agree with you, vps and Linux both are very useful on the basis of performance, security, stability, and flexibility.

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