Is it a phone or is it a desktop?

The Google Android Linux powered Motorola Atrix is now in AT&T stores. It is the first mobile device to be a legitimate contender for a desktop replacement with laptop-style display and keyboard, one gig of RAM, 48 gig of storage, and a dual core 1 gig processor.

Watch the video and decide for yourself…

What will we use for a desktop operating system come June 30, 2011? Android is inevitable.

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One Response to Is it a phone or is it a desktop?

  1. Ted Rodgers says:

    I’ve had my Atrix for just shy of two weeks now. It’s fabulous: small, lightweight, excellent on power with great resolution and has yet to crash or hang. I previously had an HTC Inspire for about 3 weeks before switching up the Atrix. During the switch, I lost screen size, but gained resolution and HDMI, lost a perfectly balanced and sleek design but gained one that is lighter, also well balanced, and feels more usable, and the time between charges from real-world use seems to have nearly doubled. I’m also noticing improved reception of GPS, data, and phone signal on the Atrix vs the Inspire in an area poorly serviced by cell signal. The navigation and web browser apps are no longer sluggish on screen updates (they were on the Inspire), abd the swype input is an excellent substitution for the lack of a keyboard on the Atrix, too.

    My only two disappointments are that under many conditions the 5 MP camera takes photos that are less than clear and the requirement to register with MotoBlur, something I have yet to use at all.

    The Atrix is a bit pricey, but well worth the cost.

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