Charting it out – How will market share change?

Behold, for all to view… the numbers which show Microsoft will lose a majority market share in operating systems this Summer…

For those wondering the answer: What will we use if Microsoft is not the majority market share?
The answer is iOS and Linux. Apple and Google Android tablets will be the back to school computer of choice as of this summer creating a devastating trend for Microsoft.

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About What Will We Use Editor

I am a Linux idealist who is committed to reporting on the status of Microsoft's market share until June 30, 2011. This journey started as a friendly wager between Nick and I at the South East LinuxFest in June 2009.
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4 Responses to Charting it out – How will market share change?

  1. Ray says:

    Hmm… According to your prediction, you lost the bet 😉

  2. ChrisTX says:

    Vista support ends 2017. Newsflash. ( 5 mainstream + 5 extended )

    And honestly said, this has to be the most $cussword analysis of statistical data I have ever seen. I won’t even comment that.

  3. Johan Spånberg says:

    Time to update your numbers a little since April is in.

    Windows 7: 31,9%
    Windows XP: 46,5%
    Windows Vista: 13,1%
    Total: 91,5%

    MacOSX: 6,4%
    Linux: 0,7%
    Others: 1,4%

    So… Compared to your numbers for March 2011
    Microsoft: +7,1%

  4. zombiechan says:

    I think you made a poor prediction.

    What with you wanting Windows to die?
    There a Users, Developers, and business who like to use Windows(and yes they know the alternative).

    I myself love Windows 7 as well as Linux Mint, I use both. I also use both Windows Server 2008 and a CentOS servers. I like having both of best world.

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