Bug One Resolved at the Gates Center of Computer Science Carnegie Mellon Universtiy thanks to Red Hat Inc.

From where I stand, I see Linux and Apple-based products winning big in the months ahead. How can I hold such unwavering optimism? Over ten years I have a decent salary supporting Linux products, with my career starting at Carnegie Mellon using Red Hat products. A combination of UNIX workstations including Red Hat, Fedora, Solaris, IRIX, and MacOSX held a majority of the desktop market share at the CMU School of Computer Science during the time of my employment of 2001-2006.

Microsoft is unable to buy market share at top Computer Science universities such as Carnegie Mellon. Despite a 20 million dollar grant from the Bill and Melinda Foundation, desktop users still prefer Linux to Microsoft Windows. Inside the very house that Gates built, you will not find a single Windows computer in their labs. Red Hat fixed that by funding computer labs there.

I will personally pay a visit to the Red Hat labs at Carnegie Mellon University on Monday March 7 – and you are welcome to join me. Just sign up!

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