What will we buy?

Americans today celebrate “Black Friday.” Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, most workers have this day off so they head to the shops to spend their Christmas giving money. The outcome of the bet that kicked off this blog: “Microsoft will lose a majority market share come June 30, 2011” largely depends on people’s Christmas spending behavior.

What will we buy?

To answer this question I took to the malls earlier this week.

A Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 phoneWindows Mobile 7 phone ad?

There a Windows Mobile 7 ad was a placemat in the mall food court. The same ad was on the mall doors. Even if I wanted this phone after seeing this add, this product was hard to be found. Only the AT&T store seemed to be selling the Microsoft product. I visited the store and saw one sales person who was aggressively standing in the mall coordinator to attempt to invite shoppers into his store.

What will we buy instead?

The Verizon store was too busy selling Apple iPads, 7 inch Samsung
Galaxy Tab
Tablets with Google Android, and the “Droid” line of
Android phones. The T-Mobile Store was too busy selling the Galaxy Tabs
and other Android products. The Sprint store is enjoying sales of the
4G Evo Android phone and the HP Palm WebOS (Linux) phone. RadioShack, a
store that sells phones under many carriers was not selling any
Microsoft phones.

The Barnes and Noble were selling their Android color book reader called the Nook. Even though this product has impressive hardware for an eReader, it unfortunately lacks access to the Android market.

Sears had three Android devices to sell this weekend: The 10 inch Viewsonic G-Tablet, the 7 inch Pandigital eReader, and the Velocity Micro 7inch Tablet.

But what about those Windows 7 netbooks which are subsidized cost by Mobile Wireless plans?

win netboooks and android galaxy tabs

At the Verizon store there was a line to touch the Galaxy Tab and the iPad. Once I got my turn, I snapped the photo to the right. Note that there are two netbooks positioned above the Galaxy Tabs. To the right, not pictured, was the line to see the iPad. Nobody was here to buy the Microsoft netbooks. Everyone was here to lay their hands on the tablets.

Sears is also selling the 7″ Sylvania netbook with runs WindowsCE, a 15 year old operating
system from Microsoft. This device is sure to disappoint customers as it lacks full Flash functionality for YouTube and Facebook games.

OK commenter. What will you buy this holiday season?

A. A Microsoft-powered phone/netbook/tablet?

B. An Apple product which uses iOS such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod

C. An Apple product which uses MacOSX such as the Airbook.

D. An Android-powered phone, tablet, or eReader.

E. Waiting for stores to carry an ARM-powered Ubuntu or ChromeOS device.

F. none of the above…. Please explain….

Santa, I have been a good girl and I have only one wish: Microsoft will
lack a majority market share come June 30, 2010.

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5 Responses to What will we buy?

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  2. ChrisTX says:

    Santa, I have been a good girl and I have only one wish: Microsoft will
    lack a majority market share come June 30, 2010.”

    Look, even the worst figure for MS on Wikipedia’s table ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usage_share_of_operating_systems#Web_clients ) is 83.6% (and that is really the worst, since that line doesn’t even add up to 100%, but ok)
    So you claim that within half a year, suddenly 1 out of 4 persons will drop Windows for Linux? I would understand OSX, considering it’s more significant market share, but Linux? That would mean, that Linux were to have a +25% market share (abs), which equals an increase by 2500% within 6 months! Come on, not even you can’t be on that much crack, can you?

    Oh, and A, a Samsung Omnia 7, of course.

  3. zombieChan says:

    That’s easy, I bought my girlfriend and myself a HTC Surround with Windows Phone 7. We’re both very happy with them.

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  5. Dave Sevick says:

    I bought three iPads !!! All recipients are excited and happy !

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