Update on Microsoft’s Market Share: Web Browsers

Microsoft lacks a majority market share on web browsers.

This is not news to the regular readers of whatwillweuse.com where we made this declaration in January 2010. Nor is this a surprise to the market share watchers at w3counter.com who now report 43.3% Internet Explorer market share. Its also worth noting that W3Schools reports a dismal 31.1% Microsoft browser market share. Large audience sites such as wikipedia.org report less than 50% IE users. This September, major market share counter statcounter.com reports 49.87% market share for Internet Explorer. The evidence is overwhelming that Microsoft has lost the browser war.

Those who follow exclusively Net Applications’ market share reports see the September 2010 market share at 59.65% Internet Explorer. This is discouraging news for Microsoft since the trend is on track IE decrease which will yield less than 50% for their June 2011 report.

What do you think – Comment please

Does more than half of the Internet-using world use Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Will Internet Explorer 9 regain, maintain, or lose Microsoft’s browser fan base?

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  1. spc says:

    IE9 doesn’t work on windows XP, hence no it won’t help M$.

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