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Don't let the job get you down. Reboot your skills for serious uptime at OLFU. Photo Credit: dagoaty

The task of keeping current with skills and technologies is a never-ending job for a system administrator. If you work in a busy shop like I do, asking your boss for a week-long training session across the country is difficult. You have to make sure adequate coverage and some how scrape together the funding to go. If only there was a weekend-long community-oriented training opportunity for IT professionals.

The answer is out there. Think Ohio Linux Fest University (OLFU).

At the Ohio LinuxFest, professional training returns for the 4th year in a row with OLFU on September 10, 2010. A full day of classes plus technical sessions onĀ  September 11 is only $350.

League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA) classes will help you keep your systems, storage and networks top shape. Offerings include IPv6 Essentials and Deployment Strategies, Monitoring with “Non-Obvious” Nagios, Black Magic: Linux Troubleshooting and System Administration, Introduction to Automating System Administration with Cfengine, and Application Acceleration and Cloud Storage.

Linux Professional Institute Certification cram class will help you prepare for one of the industry’s most difficult system administrator tests. There is also an optional on-site test opportunity to get certified at an additional discounted rate of $109 per test.

Computer Room of Illinois’ famous Data Recovery class will be offered at an abridged length and price. When a disk fails it could cost your company tens of thousands of dollars to send away to a recovery service. Next time you will have the knowledge to retrieve what you can with open source tools.

Apress author, Vern Ceder, has a systems programming class with Python. Script it once and do the task as many times as you want – fast. Learn the basics in the morning and stay the afternoon to become a python wizard.

As professionals it is our responsibility to do what we can to keep the user communities around us productive. The more active the environment, the more you can use the training that OLFU has to offer.

Go for it and register for OLFU and invite your boss too. Trust me, it will make it easier.

Register, then come back here to enjoy Happy Sysadmin Day wishes from Ohio LinuxFest Saturday tech talk speaker, Jordan Keyes

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