But I don’t know Linux well enough to go to LinuxFest

Typical technical conferences cost thousands of dollars to attend, entailing talks only for wizards, tutorials for computer pros, and trade shows full of products non-geeks would never buy. It is enough to make the most outgoing person feel out of place. The LinuxFest experience, however, is exceptional.

But I don’t know Linux well enough to go to a LinuxFest

Maybe you need some time learning Linux on the desktop skills. Even if you have always used Windows, by the end of the Ohio LinuxFest Linux Basics class, you will be savvy enough to install Linux and transfer your daily work into the GNOME desktop environment with Ubuntu. This class is a great too for anyone who wants an overview of Linux to broaden your IT knowledge. Either way, you will have a hands-on experience which will turn you into a bug-one crushing warrior.

The Ohio LinuxFest has something for both the Free software curious and those who want to get knowledgeable about Linux real fast. Educational and entertaining programming for the weekend ranges from zero to $350. Causal users will be pleasantly surprised by the free software available at the expo.

Register today at https://www.ohiolinux.org/register.html

Come and Free your Desktop at the Ohio LinuxFest: September 10-12, 2010 – where Microsoft lacks a majority market share.

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I am a Linux idealist who is committed to reporting on the status of Microsoft's market share until June 30, 2011. This journey started as a friendly wager between Nick and I at the South East LinuxFest in June 2009.
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