Taking a Pause For Ohio LinuxFest

I have been posting very little recently as I have been busy working with the Ohio LinuxFest.

We have an awesome schedule line-up with Free talks: Jon Maddog Hall to deliver the kick-off keynote Friday September 10, Stormy Peters to answer the AM keynote question Who is stealing your desktop and closing keynote of Christopher “Monty” Montgomery on the The Digital Media Frontier.

In a world full of patents, law-suits that stifle innovation and consume the court’s time, proprietary companies who restrict ownership to the hardware and software you paid them for, we need freedom more than ever. If you live in North America, chances are, you can attend the Ohio LinuxFest at near-no-cost when you share a ride or a hotel room with your neighbor.

Your handset, your desktop, your browser, your operating system, your web-based services, your virtualization, your music, your video, your community…. It all can be free… You can be free too.

Register for free today at: https://www.ohiolinux.org/register.html

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