What will I buy?

Regardless of what Darryl the Microsoft fanbody VMS developer from Australia does, I bought stocks celebrate the wonderful success of What Will We Use.

What Did I Buy

20 shares of ARMH– the low-power microprocessor behind Apple iPhone 4 and most Google Android phones. Since they are positioning to bring netbooks and thin-clients running Ubuntu and/or Google’s ChromeOS/Android, ARM processors will kill the PC. Microsoft will regret their decision not to support ARM on Windows 7.

7 shares of RHT– the Linux distributor Red Hat already has impressive enterprise server market share. As applications shift to the “software as a service” model, Red Hat will profit as green penny pinching IT managers look to the cloud. With their entrance to the virtualization market, they will capitalize on customers who want a single finger to point. Virtualization competitors Citrix and VMware do not make a guest-level OS, putting Red Hat at the cloud market advantage.

1 share MFST– the software giant is imploding yet I bought a single share. I welcome Microsoft’s glossy pamphlets which deny the epic failure that is afoot.

What we will buy affects what we will use.

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  1. spc says:

    You got it wrong, today there is gold, and nothing but a gold – bullion 😀

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