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This blog believes in freedom whenever possible.

At the time of this posting we use:

CentOS release 5.2 (Final), a no-cost Enterprise Linux based on free software.

Apache, the free software web server which has a majority market share.

WordPress 3.0, the free software blogging tool you see now.

W3Counter a proprietary no-cost analytics package which shares global market share statistics (operating system/browser/screen/nationality of the traffic of their subscribers website. This is where we get the statistics at the top of the page at the tag-line. What Will We Use reports its own visitor activity on via reports.

Now we are publishing each post under a Creative Commons “copy-left” style license. You are hereby permitted to reuse content as long as you attribute.

Please do leave a comment if you see any opportunities where we at can be more free and transparent.

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About What Will We Use Editor

I am a Linux idealist who is committed to reporting on the status of Microsoft's market share until June 30, 2011. This journey started as a friendly wager between Nick and I at the South East LinuxFest in June 2009.
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