Apple puts a cap in Microsoft

The buzz this morning is Apple’s stock out-valuing Microsoft’s stock. Even CNN is covering it. Please, if someone has any videos on this story, leave me a comment.

Apple’s profitability and Microsoft’s lack-there-of is not news to me. During the Christmas shopping season 2009 I blogged about the popularity of Apple products through the Apple store. As of November 2009, 48 cents of every PC sold goes to Apple. Today, only highlights and fuels the momentum I saw 6 moths ago.

With the stock prices realizing Apple’s success and Microsoft’s failure, The New York Times takes notice today.

Apple, the maker of iPods, iPhones and iPads, shot past Microsoft on May 26, 2010, supplanting the computer software giant as the world’s most valuable technology company.

Full story with Ballmer/Jobs graph on New York Times website.

Apple, with their SOLD out World Wide Developer Conference next week, has all the tools they need to put Microsoft away.

See how this is coming together folks?

Come June 30, 2011, Microsoft Windows will lack majority desktop market share.

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2 Responses to Apple puts a cap in Microsoft

  1. I’m interested to see what happens with the iPad in particular as Apple moves forward. It’s one of those devices that’s attempting to occupy a niche that didn’t exactly exist before its release (at least not on a very meaningful scale). It’s obviously doing well, but I’m curious what the effect will be on the related markets like netbooks, the Kindle, and lower end laptops once the dust has settled a bit and we get a real look at which of these things customers seem to believe the iPad replaces.

  2. Trudy Purce says:

    Thats good stuff you’ve got on this blog. Been searching for reviews on this everywhere. Good work

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