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I have been tinkering with for the past few days. Sorry for the confusion. Right now I have settled with a configuration that should carry us to mid 2011.

The Reasons for Change

  1. I’ve upgraded to “Comment Info Detector” plugin for the browser and operating system of the commenter. It supports Chrome and tries to discover Windows version and Linux distribution. My only complaint is when someone comments with a non-Safari WebKit browser, it may present as Safari.
  2. The former theme, with a Windows 7 inspired look, could not cope with Comment Info Detector login. I played with some themes, but they were too complex for phone-based browsing. I’ve ended up with a theme which reminds me of the bird logo of, an non-Microsoft office suite.
  3. My links have changed. If you get this blog via a rss feed, you may want to visit with your favorite browser and operating system.
  4. Since I was making changes that could break things, why not tinker some more! I tried some plugins. Some plugins were a win. Other plugins created more breakage. If you have a bug to report, please comment on this post or email bethlynneicher AT gmail d0t com

My favorite plug in that came out of this was which embeds hosted surveys in WordPress like below. The DynaPoll people are super nice who are genuinely curious about their user community. This is stuff that Microsoft would never be able to compete!

[dynapoll: eXGMYDjNzCOme8EXbcOfk, light]

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2 Responses to Admin: Changes to

  1. How about the open id plugin?

    Similar posts is also neat:

    And for syntax highlighting, if you post code/shell snippets.

    And for your Android viewing pleasure.

    Finally, a comment preview:

  2. What Will We Use Editor says:

    @Christian thanks for the plug-in suggestions.

    I had tried OpenID before but I didn’t ever figure out how to use it correctly. Right now, OpenID is turned on for commenters. Go nuts folks and let me know if this a service you appreciate.

    The other plugins will take more time to vet by the editor.

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