Renewed: Office Market Share Bet

The original $20 bet that started this blog is “Microsoft will not have majority market share come June 30, 2011.” This bet I made with my friend Nick at the first annual South East Linux Fest in June 2009. The enthusiasm of  meeting Michelle and Michael Hall of the Qimo for Kids Linux distribution and Amber Granger, a home maker and mother who is doing wonderful work for the Ubuntu community. The next generation of home desktop users are leaving Microsoft.

But how about the desktop users in the workpace? Now that Oracle has rebranded the Star Office as “Oracle Open Office,” businesses everywhere can get OpenOffice.Org support. Oralce is an American software company that has about 20,000 more employees than Microsoft. Now is the time for Oracle to tout the Oracle Open Office release before Microsoft releases its Office 2010 product. Users who were waiting for Microsoft to release the new office to fully use their Microsoft Sharepoint content management system can be supported by Oracle Open Office instead.

That’s right. Oracle out supports Microsoft on Microsoft products.

Today is a new day. May 8, 2010 to be exact. It is a good time to review where Microsoft has a majority market share:

1. Browsers – according to W3Counter, IE does not have a majority market share. Other anaylitics counters also see Internet Explorer’s market share tanking.

2. Office Suite – the OpenOffice.Org has impressive download counts. Between Oracle and IBM, corporate support will help bring business users into the open source age.

3. The Desktop OS – Mac and Linux user-base will continue to grow.

Today, Nick approached me to add a second $20 bet.

“Come June 30, 2011, Microsoft will lack majority office market share.”

Please leave commnets on your ideas on how to measure the market share count of office suites.

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7 Responses to Renewed: Office Market Share Bet

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  2. Greg Simkins says:

    I think Linux has slipped back this past year. You all know that there are no retail stores carrying NetBooks with Linux. All NetBooks come with either XP or Windows 7.

    I bought a Windows 7 Toshiba 10″ netbook several months ago and installed ubuntu in a dual boot configuration. I gave the NetBook to a pastor friend here in Japan and we both had fun exploring the Japanese language capabilities of Windows 7 and Ubuntu. Actually they were rather comparable. My friend then gave the NetBook to his wife, and she is using Windows 7 simply because my friend is more comfortable answering her inevitable support requests on Windows than on ubuntu.

    Actually, Windows 7 seems to work rather well and the Microsoft tax is rather low right now thanks to the fact that Linux is still a threat. Frankly, I think Apple is a bigger threat to Microsoft because their support is excellent. I just installed a Mac Mini Server and naturally the install got all bollixed up due to my trying to follow all the various instructions that I got in my reading online and in books – much of which was wrong or misleading. But the good news is, that the Apple guy spent 2 hours with me on the phone talking me through the reinstall process and he agreed to help me continue the configuration after I get the reinstallation done.
    Support – Support – Support. Windows gets it free from friends and family who learn it at work (in the “Enterprise”) and Apple provides excellent & professional support in stores and on phone. Linux….well we have a Linux Users Group with a pretty good mail list. Still doesn’t quite measure up for the typical consumer.

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  6. Tetris says:

    You are all delusional…I hope you have another blog post where someone had to pay up and admit they have no clue on how much of a grip MS Office have in the market place. The reasoning here was very shallow….Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize there was none!!

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