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The Linux gift economy

Linux is a gift-based economy or “meritocracy.” The rules are as such…. You make a meaningful contribution by committing some work. The community sees this work and benefits from it. The more work you put out there that helps people, … Continue reading

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Apple puts a cap in Microsoft

The buzz this morning is Apple’s stock out-valuing Microsoft’s stock. Even CNN is covering it. Please, if someone has any videos on this story, leave me a comment. Apple’s profitability and Microsoft’s lack-there-of is not news to me. During the … Continue reading

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Making free pay

This post is in response to where Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst asks “Do you have new ideas of what next-generation business models might be?” Observe the picture on this post. On the left is a copy of “Free” … Continue reading

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Video post: bug one resolved by Google according to “The Street”

Sorry this video seems to require full flash. It claims Google resolved bug one: browsers, operating systems, and office suite dominance. If anyone knows of a youtube or other accessible source of this footage, please leave a comment. Actual story … Continue reading

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What is an office suite?

The question of what is an office suite is debate-able as the computing culture warms up to web-based applications with little to no install footprint. In this page we will discuss and update the profiles of some of the more … Continue reading

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How do you get your product right?

Steve Ballmer admitted that Windows Vista was not a good product… Sure, people have bought Windows 7 hoping for better. Since the ‘Free’ Upgrade program is now over, consumers will have to spend at least $150. How much time … Continue reading

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Admin: Changes to

I have been tinkering with for the past few days. Sorry for the confusion. Right now I have settled with a configuration that should carry us to mid 2011. The Reasons for Change I’ve upgraded to “Comment Info Detector” … Continue reading

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Microsoft lacks edge

Yesterday Microsoft decided to sue Salesforce, a web based customer relations management (CRM) system. Microsoft’s beef? They do not like how Salesforce displays menus in browsers. Now, I prefer SugarCRM, an open source product similar to Salesforce. Microsoft also has … Continue reading

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Video post: Hey look, Ubuntu is on tv

As seen on American TV CBS show on May 18, Ubuntu is shown as the favorite Linux operating system of a physicist character. While I am grateful for the product placement, people should know “Ubuntu is for human beings too.” … Continue reading

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Microsoft and Apple attacking free software circa 2003

Former SUN CEO writes about how Apple tried to keep Sun out of the Linux desktop market, how Microsoft asked for royalites on Open Office, Microsoft’s .Net as a Java-knockoff, and why Apple suing Google is GOOD for Andriod market … Continue reading

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