February Market Share Report

Thanks for hanging in there folks for the What Will We Use Browser and Operating Systems reports. In February, we had 1,691 unique readers. This is amazing considering that I have not had time to post much.

Nonetheless, Microsoft continues to creatively self-destruct. While Microsoft fails to sell Windows 7 to XP users, Apple’s market share picks up. How can Steve Ballmer justify his raise? I’m sorry but patent extortion of I-O Data’s Linux devices and Amazon’s Kindle are not work product. Meanwhile, Google’s Linux-based products grow market share exponentially. Google has not been sued because Google would not be the type to pay out of court. Is Microsoft turning into a litigation company? How did that strategy work out for the bankrupt SCO? As I already pointed out, being in court all of the time distracts Microsoft from making real technology that people actually want to use. If Microsoft could sell software on the open market profitably, why are they on the patent lawsuit FUD warpath?

Since Microsoft lost their own patent battle to the tune of $290 million to I4i over Word 2007, maybe they find it safer to sue other companies than make browsers, office suites, and operating systems. Go ahead Microsoft and mock Firefox’s success, you only look like jealous crybabies babies.

The writing is on the wall, Microsoft has lost in the long term. Gartner’s 2008 prediction of open source having majority market share in 2012 is really growing roots. Come June 30, 2011, Microsoft’s fate will be clear, until then, I will bring your my market share reports and other commentary.

This month I decided to compare my percentages to W3Counter, a no-cost analytic service that shares their global market share figures on a monthly basis.

We are worlds apart on the browser market share, but as far as the operating systems go, there are areas where we agree save Windows XP and Linux…

Operating System on WWWUSE on W3Counter
Windows XP 28.00% 53.60%
Linux 20.00% 1.55%
Windows 7 18.00% 10.66%
Windows Vista 16.00% 20.07%
Mac OS X 13.00% 8.12%
Unknown 3.00% under 1%
Windows 2003 1.00% 1.01%
iPhone OSX 0.60% 0.75%
Android 0.20% 0.10%
Windows 2000 0.10% 0.43%
All Microsoft 63.10% 85.77%
All no Microsoft 36.80% 14.23%

And now for the browsers…

Browser on WWWUSE on W3Counter
Firefox 3.5 59.00% 19.95%
Firefox 3.0 11.00% 4.42%
Internet Explorer 8.0 6.00% 24.45%
Firefox 3.6 4.00% below 1%
Chrome 4.0 3.00% 6.12%
Mozilla 1.9 3.00% below 1%
Safari 4.0 3.00% 5.21%
Internet Explorer 7.0 2.00% 14.40%
Internet Explorer 6.0 2.00% 9.79%
Identification Blocked 2.00% below 1%
Microsoft 10.00% 48.64%
No Microsoft 85.00% 51.36%
Non-Proprietary 80.00% 30.49%

What do you think world? What will March of 2010 hold in store for us on our journey to understand what will we use come June 30, 2011?

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