December 2009 Market Share Report

Yet another amazing month as December brought in 5,170 new visitors with over 18,000 visitors in total.

Before I get started, I need to apologize that the commenter browser/OS detection plug-in, Browser Sniff, has been reporting falsely for Chrome-based browsers and Windows 7. I use with w3counter for my monthly reports which has nothing to do with Browser Sniff. Rest assured, the reports from w3counter are right on. Just to be sure, I also subscribe to Google Analytics and the numbers line up, month after month.

My preference for web analytic service and market share reports is w3counter. If you have a website and you would like to have some no-cost information on your visitors, sign up for w3counter. Nor do you you need a fancy website, programming skills, or your own domain name. If you can paste one line of html/javascript into your index.html, you too can use w3counter. Everybody can do this. This is another unpaid endorsement from a very happy w3counter customer.

Now onto the browser report of the visitors for the month of December 2009

1     Firefox 3.5      68%
2     Firefox 3.0     13%
3     Internet Explorer 8.0 4%
4     Mozilla 1.9 3%
5     Safari 4.0 2%
6     Chrome 4.0 2%
7     Chrome 3.0 1%
8     Internet Explorer 7.0 1%
9     Identification Blocked 1%
Less than 1% goes to Internet Explorer 6.0

And the Operating System Report of visitors of

1      Windows XP 28%
2     Windows Vista 18%
3     Windows 7 18%

The top 3 make 64%. Where are you team Linux and Apple?

4     Linux 17%
5     Mac OS X 14%
6     Unknown 3%
Less than 1% goes to Windows 2003, iPhone OSX, Windows 2000, iPhone OSX, Windows 2000 and Android. One sole FreeBSD user. Zero ChromeOS visitors yet.

Note: If you read through RSS or a planet feed, your visit is not recorded. Only those who browse are recorded. Therefore, in order to be counted, please type at your browser at least once a month. Link-love is always appreciated. Thanks!

Click on the W3Counter logo to see the Browser/Operating system global report for December 2009. Note that the IE global market share is 50.3% according to w3counter. Soon enough, Microsoft will no longer have claim to majority browser market share.

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6 Responses to December 2009 Market Share Report

  1. I am just guessing that a substantial number of your Linux readers RSS your site, which might skew your numbers low. I know that I RSS your site. I am just guessing that Linux users are more likely to use an automation tool than your Microsoft Windows users.

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  3. darryl says:

    Operating Systems
    1 Windows XP 56.61%
    2 Windows Vista 21.29%
    3 Mac OS X 7.44%
    4 Windows 7 6.80%
    5 Linux 2.14%
    6 Windows 2003 1.14%
    7 iPhone OSX 0.64%
    8 Windows 2000 0.50%
    9 Windows 98 0.09%
    10 Android 0.08%

    hmmm, after a few short weeks of Win 7’s release, it’s allready over 3 times more popular than linux that has been released for the past 20 years.

    Win 7 has not even been out 20 weeks !!!.

    You bet is not looking too good, I can certainly understand why you would not want to actually commit yourself to a REAL wager. Tell you want ill offer you or anyone else, 3to1 for a USD$1000 wager that Microsoft will be over 80% market share by the expiry date you have stated.

    So you can get USD$3000 if you’re right, and only lose USD$1000 if you are wrong. ANYONE ??? im really hoping someone here is willing to put up or shut up. 🙂

    I would even go so far to say (and wager) that Win 7 will have more market share by itself than Linux will by you’re due date.

    So there you have it, you’re mission (should you choose to accept it), is to prove me WRONG, and make a heap of money in the process.

    IM sure we could work out an easy payment method, possibly through a third party like ebay, Ill pay you USD$3000 for something like a $1 pen, and you can buy off me (should you lose) a pen for USD$1000.

    So GO FOR IT, imagine what you can buy with $3000 !!!!.
    (and ill work out what I will spend my $1000 on :))

  4. What Will We Use Editor says:

    @darryl Welcome back!

    While I am tempted by your offer to adjust the odds, the problem still remains: I do not know you. It’s all too good to be true. Americans can’t be too careful with phishing now-a-days and your lack of command of the English language is a red flag. Nonetheless, if you want to stay anonymous, my offer to buy 1000USD worth of RHT stock stands.

    If you continue to offer impossible to implement wagers under an alias, I will be forced to report you. I do not expect hotmail to protect you.

    So there’s me calling your bluff. Who the heck are you anyhow?

  5. darryl says:

    what do you want to know about me, my date of birth, social security number, ex-military official number, address, phone number, full name,

    Whatever you need I can provide to you, we can write an official contract if you like.. Whatever you need for you to accept the bet I will be happy to provide.

    And what can you lose ?? and how am I trying to scam you, if you win you dont have to send me money, so what is the risk ?? (for you).

    I am willing to take on all the risk in uncertainty, Ill create a mechanism that will ensure the winner get’s paid by the loser.

    All you have to do is be willing to accept the bet, and once again, put up or shut up.. (in the nicest way ofcourse).

    You could explain to me how you would be able to be scamed by me, either you win and I pay you, or you lose and you pay me.

    To scam you would I not have to “fix” the bet somehow ? and I cant do that because you have set the condition (not amount) of the wager.

    So for you, assuming you win, there is no risk, and if you lose then I would expect you to do the right thing and pay up..

    I guess that is the reason why you are not keen on the wager, (a real wager, not a cup of coffee level wager.

    payment would be as simple as a money order, or a one to one ebay purchase (of a trivial item). we could post it all here, with screen shots, or photo’s of the transaction.

    All you need is confidence in you’re prediction, and a willingness to put up or ‘be quite’.

    So whatever you need, I will provide to you, (by email). And im willing to sign any document to confirm money owed to you, (or me).

    We can do it all on this web site, seeing you set it up just for that purpose.
    And I dont know you either, but I know what you’re willing to bet on, and I also know you seem unwilling to actually stand by you’re claims whne the stakes are raised.

    Im surprised that no one else is willing to take me on as well. Seems like a good deal to me, that if you really believe what you are saying, and it’s not just a FUD fest. then let me finance a high end PC for you, that you can put the operating system of you’re choice on.

    Or buy a nice holliday somewhere.. (mabey Australia, it’s a nice place,, little hot right now,, 42dec C yesterday !!!). So bring your swim suit 🙂

  6. What Will We Use Editor says:


    You scream fake by
    A. never using your legal name online
    B. offering to abuse ebay
    C. insisting there is no risk in a too good to be true 1-3 international transaction
    D. saying you are not scamming me several times in the same post
    E. claiming that I need to “shut up” because I refuse to enter any agreements with you
    F. implying you have a social security number yet Australians call the national id number a “Tax File Number”
    G. being completely unable to grasp simple English grammar such as the difference between “your”, a possessive, and “you’re”, a contraction of “you” and “are.”
    H. refusing to use spell check

    Sorry, you can not shut down every site you call a FUDfest with your hollow offers. You can buy the domain from me. My price is 15 million USD.

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