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A commenter a few posts back assertsthat I, Beth Lynn Eicher, give the Free and Open Source community a bad name because I said that Microsoft executes Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt. I could site example by example of where Microsoft spends their time, money, and energy saying bad things about Linux. That’s not what this post is about. Even if I were to make a discussion on deli products instead of the decline of Microsoft, other bloggers would be out there telling that story.  Why in the world have I committed to writing about the decline of Microsoft until June 30, 2011? Well, I made a personal bet with my friend Nick that Microsoft would no longer have majority market share by that date. When I started blogging about the subject in June 2009, I had intended it to be a way for Nick and I to keep tabs on our bet to make it more interesting. I expected maybe a dozen or so mutual friends would get a chuckle out of it. Never would I expect that there would be over 17,500 spectators to the discussion six months later. Agree or disagree, people care about the prediction that there could be a world in the not to distant future with significantly less Microsoft software.

Sure, it would have been nice to be better known for my work with the Ohio LinuxFest and other FOSS volunteer work that I have done for the past ten years. Those who read this blog consistently know I do use this blog to resolve conflict within FOSS.  The debate on if and when Microsoft will fall is something that people want to read, regardless as to who is saying it. If that makes me an anti-Microsoft FUDer, then so be it, but by far I am not alone. The shoe fits. I wear it and advise Microsoft to do the same.

I am not the first to predict Microsoft’s demise with Linux to the better. Heck, I am not even the first to predict a dramatic drop in a 24 month period. Be sure to put Newsweek and Techblorge on your list of people who are calling doom for the software giant. What makes my prediction unique, is I allow you, the spectators of this $20 bet, participate in the discussion of what will we use on June 30, 2011. Now that is community.

Early on, Nick gave me several opportunities to back out.  I declined because I was really liking what I was hearing out of Microsoft.  I noticed them taking the time to fight Linux, which makes me wonder why they would do that if they did not perceive a potential for loss of market share. Moreover, for every moment that Microsoft fights with FUD, it brings Linux closer to winning. How does that work? Microsoft can not keep up with both open source and Apple.

The harder they fight the less resources they have to go into product. Customers are running away from Microsoft products. Everyday I see people dumping Windows for Linux or MacOSX. Even former Microsoft apologist, Don Dodge, has gone Google. From what I can see, Microsoft is shrinking. It would be to Microsoft’s benefit to get out of the FUD business and focus on selling out of Windows 7. That way it could be an example of a successful American company like Red Hat instead of General Motors.

So, please keep dishing the FUD, Microsoft. Meanwhile, consider the following…

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17 Responses to More FUD Please

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  2. darryl says:

    bestbuy and IDC are you shinning examples of MS FUD, geeezzz, where are all the MS sponsored web sites specifically attacking Linux.

    Where is the equivalent of for MS ?

    Bestbuy, is like saying if you are a ford dealer, and you are trying to sell fords, you might say that FORDS, are better than honda’s in every catagory, thats not FUD, it might be a statement of FACT.

    especially if the FORD uses less fuel, is bigger, faster, and has more wheels or whatever.

    IDC, who you accuse of being sponsored by MS, or whatever, is a market analysis company, they SELL market analysis. If you want the results of the market analysis, you can pay them and they do the market surveys for you.

    Anyone can do that, so if you pay IDC for a market survey, do you or would you expect them to give you inaccurate results just to please you.

    Or would you expect them to do as they were paid to do and conduct a market survey and provide you with the results.

    Ofcourse you know this, and saying IDC is biased by their clients shows little understanding about market surveys, you think MS want to hear inaccurate results ? or do you think they have independant market surveys to get inaccurate and misleading results, so they can modify their business stratagies and market focus in the wrong area’s ?

    I wonder why you think that way ? but I dutifully followed you’re links expecting to see MS sponsored web sites specifically dedicated to spreading FUD regarding MS.

    and I get sent to “linuxjournal” and “ars technicia”..

    So where again is all this MS FUD you speak off ?? I would be happy to check it out, and compare it to the FUD that I can easily find everyone from the FOSS world against MS.

    Sure, why not post 20 links of Anti-MS FUD, and also 20 links of MS generated Anti-FOSS FUD.

    That would be balanced, but im just going by your post and the links you provide and ive yet to see any evidance from you to backup and support your claims that MS generates ANY FUD regarding Linux, but I can also see a MASS of web sites dedicated to generating endless FUD against MS.

    It’s seems this site is one of those, so how about a little balance in reporting, and truth in reporting.

    If you state MS generates massive FUD again linux, dont link “linuxjournal” as your “source”.

    Because those sites, like at appears this one is, is riddled with anti-MS FUD, and it seems all you’re interested in doing is enforcing that FUD and trying to make out that “they started it”. when infact it seems clear to most that YOU started it, and that you (FOSS community) have taken the use of FUD the new levels never seen before.

    Again, it’s just a poor tactic, politicians who use it rarly get elected by just saying how bad the other guy is.

    Business, will allways use statements that promote their product over the oppositions, “our car is faster than yours” “lasts longer” and so on.

    Thats not fud, it’s not generating doubt, it’s trying to eliminate doubt, by TELLING you what they think of their product.

    IF MS thinks their product is better than Linux, why cant they say that, how many times have I heard the opposite from the FOSS people, they are allways saying that Linux is far better than MS.

    So whats the difference, you’re trying to promote your product, saying it’s better, they are trying to promote their product, geee,, by saying it’s better.

    Go figure, that is how the real world works.

    (buy my FORD car, it’s better than a honda, and it’s safe, reliable and cheap). Is not FUD against honda, it’s promoting your own product with a comparison to another product.

    as I said before people have fear, uncertainty and doubts about everything, so you play on that and hope you have some bearing on their decision.

    But you dont try to promote your own product, and you dont seem to take any efforts in ensuring there are no fear’s, uncertainties and doubt’s regarding FOSS.

    And clearly there are massive fear’s and doubt’s in FOSS, I could start to list them but this post is too long allready.

    the futute of SUN,
    problems with the GPL
    Legal issues
    what if Linus got hit by a bus, or just burns out of maintaining the kernel.

    What if stallman rejects you as a traitor, what about the idealogical split between FOSS and OSS ?

    What about doubt, what Linux distro will you use, fear.. will it work on my machine,

    Doubt, why is there over 60,000 bugs in Ubuntu and will any of them destroy all my data, or kill my computer, or crash it at a critical time ?

    They are all fears, uncertainties, and doubt’s, the same applies to MS, or buying a house, car, or a candy bar (what if the candy bar has been poisoned, is the wrapper still intact?).

    To say MS is the masters of FUD and then to quote and link to Linuxjournal as your “source” or IDC seems rather odd to me.

    Put the other way, if I were asked to show examples of FUD against MS from the FOSS community, do you think I would have any trouble finding 20 web sites that do specifically that.?

    starting with

    you can come here and read page after page after page of MS FUD, then when you accuse MS of doing exactly what you are doing, you quote “linuxjournal” as your “source”.

    Ok, I quote Linuxjournal and whatwillweuse, and linuxtoday, boycottnovell, slashdot, (I could do this all day for anti-MS Fud).

    So you do it all day and show me all the nasty web sites you know of from MS that spread FUD about FOSS…. PLEASE….

    Otherwise you are really no better than they are, and if you cant show your sources you are far worse then they are, which is not a good look IMO..

  3. nloewen says:

    Last time I check Ars Technica was unbiased having articles for windows, mac, and open source. also, if you look at the content of the ars article linked at the top, you will immediately notice that some info on microsofts slides is incorrect. For example, it mentions that windows has better hardware compatibility. Now this may have been true a few years ago, but I have yet to come across a piece of hardware that won’t work with linux without installing an available driver, and have found that out of the box support on linux is much better. since this can be proved false, it is FUD.

    Now you may not like that example because it is based on my experience, so here is another. In Microsofts slides, it says that there is a lack of free software on linux, wait, you mean that the amount of free software available for Windows outweighs the free software available on linux? That is defiantly FUD.

    You are right, if you can prove a statement true, its not FUD. And I have yet to find a statement saying that Linux is better than windows, coming from a supplier of a linux based product, that could be proved false.

  4. nloewen says:

    by the way, I’m not sure if the browser ans os listed at the end of a comment is part of your monthly report, but my browser and os were incorectly detected in the last comment. It should read “Using Google Chrome on Ubuntu 9.10”

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  6. What Will We Use Editor says:


    Here is just for starters some links off of

    And my personal favorite, “Bill Gates Linux,” mocksite hosted for free on Office Live

    How about some Steve Ballmer Quotes…

    Microsoft has been feeding me FUD since 1998. That is actually how I heard of Linux, through pro-Microsoft FUD 12 years ago. This stuff is yummy. Keep it coming Microsoft, please! The more Microsoft spreads the FUD, the more people are talking about Linux.

    I dish out my own FUD too. You are right, Darryl, Microsoft can not compete with all of the FUD that FOSS fans are serving up. Now that Microsoft has lost the FUD war, we need to stop FUD-ing? Heck no, we are somewhere between GandhiCon 3 and 4. will be there to document the very moment that the tables turn for Microsoft as for market share. There is no way I am quitting now, even if the President of the Free Software Foundation, Richard S. Stallman, asked me to.

    My editorials are bias by the fact that I have a $20 bet on the line. That has been disclosed in the about page. If that makes me a FUD flinger, then so be it. You can disagree and FUD back. In fact, please do. You have seen other pro-Linux blogs on the Internet say a lot of the same stuff, yet you spend so much time commenting here. Really, I am flattered. Consider this: you are scared that I am right.

  7. darryl says:

    Hi, and im certainly not scared that you are right, and I wonder about your examples of MS “FUD”, client statements and sponsored studies seem to me to be an attempt to cut through the FUD and provide actual real examples, and case studies and comparisons.

    FUD is saying, that MS is trying to destroy FOSS, or is by definition because it’s proprietary, (or pick your particular gripe with MS) or whatever is somehow automaticly evil.

    Having the FSF write letters to 499 of the top fortune 500 companies, and spend all that effort in directing FUD, Fear and uncertainty about MS, not based on case studies, or industry comments but based purely on significant bias.

    So you posted 3 MS web sites that do comparisons with Linux and UNIX so what, where is the FUD in that ?

    Where is the “opinion” and bias, where are the unsupported sweeping statements about EVIL, borg, baby killers, or whatever.

    Where are the vast lists of web sites dedicated to promoting Linux and FUD’ing the begeebers out of MS ? For every one of your MS links containing NO FUD but industry feedback and real studies, sponsored by MS or not.

    And I know you have a $20 dollar bet, are you SO sure of yourself that you are only willing to risk $20 Dollars ?

    Seems to me, that is a speculation and you’re willing to do your $20 if you are wrong, but in the mean time it’s a good vehicle for your own brand of self admitted FUD.

    So why not make it interesting ??

    I offer you a bet on the same terms as your $20 bet, ill give you 2 to 1 on the terms of your bet, but the bet has to be REAL and controled by a third party.

    And the bet for you will be US$1000, if you win ill give you US$2000.

    How can you go wrong on those odds, any one else want “in”. ?

    And no im not scared you are right, or wrong. Im just pointing out the hypocricy of your FUD campain. FUD is not a good look, and I dont see MS engaging in it, but it’s the primary FOSS tool, and it makes FOSS look bad.

    “We dont like MS so we’ll say lies about them, and do our best to make people not like them”. as opposed to saying how damn good our own products are, it’s easier to try to pull everyone down to the lowest common level.

    That is what I dont like about all the FUD surronding FOSS, it’s full of it, as if it’s the only tool they know of to fight their percieved enemies.

    When you could actually compete on quality and functionality, and all the effort in fighting MS could be redirected in creating a better FOSS world.

    I used to use FOSS and Linux all the time, but it’s quality and the extremeism that has overtaken what was technically good and usable has just become a vehicle for hate and bitterness towards MS.

    I dont think MS is the best thing ever, but I do not ever see the level of depth of FUD from MS that FOSS and the likes of yourself seem to revell in.

    So you up for a REAL bet, not what you pay for a couple cups of coffee ??

    Are you that sure of yourself ?? I am, so go for it.. There is $2000 in it for you if you’re so sure you’re right 🙂

  8. darryl says:

    and Linus Torvalds said Linux Kernel was “bloated and scary”.

    so I guess, you should attack Linus for making “balmer” like statements and generating “FUD” against Linux. ?

    or that Oricle’s take over of SUN is not generating fear, and doubt within the FOSS community in regards to MySQL and ?

    Or the FUD generated by the Novell/MS “deal” and how it was going to destroy FOSS and so on ?

    Or the FSF writing letting the CEO’s of fortune 500 companies to give personalised FUD directly to them, did you read that letter ? what is that if it’s not FUD, im sure the CEO’s found great amusement in that, if they got it, their secretaries or spam filters would of fixed that.

    what about the fear generated by the FSF and RMS that if you do something that he does not agree with that you may cause a re-write of the GPL to exclude you. Just because RMS does not agree with you.

    Thats Fear, Uncertainty and doubt, FOSS is full of it, and im interested in this site because you’ve taken the easy path (the dark side) and joined the massive crouds perpetuating this FUD.

    If you think you’ve won the FUD war you may be right, as the “other” side did not engage you. It seems they are not willing to play that game, and prefer to rely on customer satisifaction, and real information.

    Not just something thought up to make someone else look bad. That only FUD you are really generating is the damaging kind to the very movement you claim to support.

    Most people look and read comments like yours and the many others engaging in this folly and wonder for one WHY and where do they get their “facts” from.

    When you say things like “windows crashes all the time” most people who actually USE windows think “do these guys/gals actually know ANYTHING about computers” if they cant get windows stable they have no right commenting about software quality and reliability or security as clearly you dont have a clue.

    It’s trivial to run modern windows OS totally reliability and securely, so people ask why are YOU having so much trouble?

    You claim computer expertise and thats great, so why then make yourself look incompetent with it comes to things the vast majority of the world find trivial ?

    Then you go on and expect us to believe you’re technical competance and take you’re “advice” that all things MS are evil, and it’s not the quality of the software that matter’s it’s the “freedom”. By RMS’s narrow definition of the word.

    So again, still waiting for confirmation of that bet ! 🙂

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  10. What Will We Use Editor says:

    @darryl You continue to flatter me by assuming I have direct influence of other personalities in FOSS. Nor do I seek software purity. As a matter of fact, I like Oracle and Novell products.

    Right now, I am running Windows Vista with “Microsoft Security Essentials.” It is an operating system with its ups and downs. Why do you say I “cant (sic) get windows stable they have no right commenting about software quality and reliability or security as clearly you dont (sic) have a clue?” Many other *Microsoft* customers say they hate Vista. Are you calling everyone who has something bad to say about a Microsoft product clueless?

    For the second time, I ask you to use some sort of spelling and grammar checking software. Maybe you should consider how you “make yourself look incompetent with it (sic) comes to things the vast majority of the world find trivial.”

    Also, for the second time, I challenge you to tell me specifically where I have said something that is untrue.

  11. darryl says:

    im calling those who STILL think Vista is bad are clueless, Yes, thats exactly what im saying.

    I noticed, (as I expected) that you would not be willing to take on such a bet, and yes, im from Australia, and we have technology here, and I would just do a bank transfer, for your money.. Posting all the documentation of the transaction (except accnt numbers and so on, no personal info).

    And you can do the same assuming you win your bet, but as I said, a $20 bet is not really showing a great deal of conviction in your beliefs.

    And No I do not nor ever have worked for Microsoft, Im a Systems Engineer, and most of my Operating System application programming has been with VMS.

    But I do use MS and software able to run on MS apps, as it’s required for me to do my job, there are no FOSS apps up to the task of commercial grade SCADA systems.

    But ill say it again, if you are using Vista, and you are having trouble getting it to work, you might want to upgrade from SP1, SP2/3 work perfectly on my average spec’d desktop, and my Win7 build 7100 works fine on this even lower speced semperon laptop.

    So as I expected, you’re not willing to put you’re money where you’re mouth is, thats fine, im sure you can ride the reduction in your credibility.

  12. Darryl is an amusing creature. Just found this article 1/2 an hour after I finished an article predicting Microsoft having severe problems – Major Loss For Microsoft – Google Bans Microsoft Windows.

    Rather amusing, that.


  13. Andrew says:

    Twice convicted for criminal activities. Once by the USDOJ and once in Europe. Why are governments still doing business with a criminal entity? In the USA if you have a criminal record you can’t work for the government. Why the double-standard?

  14. twitter says:

    I hope you are not still running Vista yourself. If you want some resources for technical and marketing failure for Vista, please see my Vista Failure Log and Windows 7 failure log. If you must run a Microsoft OS, you would be better off with it in Virtual Box. The best reason to avoid Windows is that it’s not free software and does things you don’t want it to.

    Your bet is almost up and I think you are winning if Android smart phones are counted. Congratulations for being so close and perhaps winning. Don’t believe people who might say you are giving free software a bad name, that’s a standard tactic used by Microsoft Technical Evangelists who would like for people like you to quit calling out their lies and distortions.

    I also keep a Microsoft Death Watch and Microsoft Patent Extortion Timeline you might be interested in. The patent extortion is only part of Microsoft’s anti-competitive activity. They also engage in technical sabotage like ACPI power management , retail manipulation like they did to Walmart and Bill Gates is trying to buy control of US public schools all to prop up Microsoft Windows.

  15. Buy Windows 7 says:

    I will immediately grasp your rss as I can not to find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly let me recognize so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  16. BBJames says:

    It matters to the creator because I actually change stuff depending on feedback and I generally want to know who likes it.
    Even the devs use it as some basis of priority.

  17. What Will We Use Editor says:

    Sorry. We have been dormant for awhile. Please check us out at

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