Mark Shuttleworth dials it up a notch while Jane Silber takes the lead


Mark and Jane know how to rock the market: volume== 11. Photo credit: alternatePhotography

On August 20, 2004, Mark Shuttleworth filed the first trouble ticket that affects the Ubuntu Linux distribution:  “Microsoft has a majority market share.” This blog is based on the bet that this very issue will be resolved by June 30, 2011. On December 17, 2009, Mark Shuttleworth announced that he is stepping aside from being CEO of Cannonical, the sponsoring company of Ubuntu, and handing the reigns over to Jane Silber. Ubuntu User, an up-and-coming magazine specific to the community around the Ubuntu Linux distribution was the first to cover the story.

For most CEOs this would mean cashing out, retirement, or finding another company to found and/or lead. Instead, Mr. Shuttleworth is positioning to be even more intensely focused and committed on the vision in which he founded: making Ubuntu itself the best operating system. Ubuntu already offers an awesome user experience for both free software advocates and your typical home user. Once OEMs recognize the fact Ubuntu is superior to the Windows 7 operating system in value, quality, usability, and performance, Microsoft will lack majority market share. Mr. Shuttleworth is so excited he can taste it. Crank it to 11!

Taking the lead is Ms. Silber. Without question she is also very dedicated to resolving bug one. I include this circa 2008 video for point of reference.

Utimately, this is good news for Canonical, Ubuntu, and Linux. The popularity of Ubuntu is so great that Canonical must grow while focusing on the product quality. It is also good news for me since I am looking forward to collecting Nick’s $20. Nick emailed me privately because he sees the significance. Ubuntu is ready to rock the desktop market share.

I waited awhile to read the commentary from the rest of the media before posting. The response to this issue is overwhelming. If it is true that only 1% of the world’s desktops are Linux, then just for argument’s sake, let us say Ubuntu has about a third of that 1% at 0.33% of the global desktop market share.  Can someone tell me why Google has over 2,500,000 articles on the subject on who is going to be the next Canonical CEO?

As Mark Shuttleworth continues to reach for the stars, Jane Silber will lead Ubuntu through the journey.

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3 Responses to Mark Shuttleworth dials it up a notch while Jane Silber takes the lead

  1. Alan Pope says:

    “On August 20, 2003, Mark Shuttleworth filed the first trouble ticket that affects the Ubuntu Linux distribution:”

    I think you mean 20th August 2004, not 2003.

  2. Alan Pope says:

    Dunno why your blog thinks I’m using Safari on a Mac. I’m not 🙂

    Chrome on Ubuntu.

  3. Mackenzie says:

    Thanks Popey, fixed it.

    And I’ve noticed some Webkit browsers advertise themselves in the User Agent as “Apple/Safari compatible” or some such. I know Arora does this (even on Kubuntu). Maybe Chrome/Chromium does too?

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