What would Al Gore use?

Al Gore using Apple and a Treo as seen in 2006

Al Gore using Apple and a Treo as seen in 2006: Photo taken by Steve Rhodes on Flickr

Almost a month ago I asked the “what will we use” question of the former United States Senator and Vice President because he had the forsight to invest in Google instead of taking Bill Gates’ mobile computing promises to heart. I don’t blame him for being a little busy latey. In any case, I feel a little silly for asking because all of the answers are out there in the open.

It is true that Al Gore is on the Board of Directors at Apple. He was seen using MacOSX several times during the Inconvient Truth. This was a killer product plug in a film that won 2 Oscars which attracted so much global awareness that he won the Nobel Peace 2007 prize. Say what you want about his politics, Apple’s market share has sky rocketed ever since his 2006 documentary was released. Guess what, Apple’s market share is going to sky rocket in 2010.

Oh, quick point before I move on, Al Gore is also a senior advisor for Google due to his early investiment insight. Perhaps since his AAPL and GOOG stocks have been so profitable for him that the Inconvient Truth is available for free viewing on video.yahoo.com.

But the movie was 3 years ago, what does Al Gore use now? According to netcraft.com, algore.com uses Linux. Surely if Microsoft Windows was really “the new efficiency” he would have switched. Sorry Mr. Ballmer, the Linux grass is greener.

The case that Al Gore agrees with my market share prediction, “Microsoft will not have majority market share come June 30, 2011,” is growing. But wait, it gets better.

Al Gore was the keynote speaker at SuperComputing 2009: a gathering of the users of world’s fastest computers where Linux has dominiate market share. Al Gore sees SuperComputing to be the “killer application” for his climate research.

I think have an answer. Al Gore will use MacOSX on the desktop and Linux on the server. When netbooks with Google ChromeOS come out, maybe they will be so enegry efficient that Al Gore is seen using those too. What about that Treo? He’s likely using iPhone or Andriod by now. What is clear to me is that Al Gore does not do Microsoft.

Thank you Al Gore and God speed with your efforts to change the power grid market share by petitioning for Carbon-free electricity. “What will we use” will continue to work to change the market share of Microsoft by petitioning for free software.

How about you, reader? What do you use? What will you use on June 30, 2011?

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