Killer Applications that make 800 pound gorillas tremble

The French roll down the Champs-Élysées with Thunderbird in their arsenal

The French roll down the Champs-Élysées with Thunderbird in their arsenal

We have only 575 days until Microsoft’s market share crumbles. Some may call me crazy since even more favorable market share counters like w3counter list Linux market share hovering close to 2% and MacOSX close to 7.5%. Why do I maintain big and bold claim that Nick will pay me $20 when Microsoft no longer has majority market share as soon as two summers from now?

Nick is scared he will lose the $20. It’s true. He has emailed me privately to try to back-out of the bet. The game has been changed by Google’s ChromeOS.  With a fast power-on to browser promise, ChromeOS is going to completely destroy the paradigm of what a computer really is.

All sorts of software-as-a-service applications will be at your finger tips in seconds after sitting down in front of your ChromeOS system. Meanwhile, Windows 7 will make minutes feel like an eternity in comparison while installing those updates before you are even allowed to login.

But what will be the “killer application”  that makes everyone drop exactly what they are using an go ChromeOS? Everybody just wants to get to the top three internet websites we all use now.

  1. Google for search, Google docs, and gmail.
  2. Facebook for social networking and games.
  3. Yahoo! for search, mail, games, news, and flickr.

Nick fears that the Internet itself will be the killer app to bring Microsoft to tremble.

A killer application makes everyone drop the tool that they are using because another brand’s troll brings a more attractive results. Everyone could see why 8-bit gaming was more fun than Atari’s games with Ninendo released Super Mario Brothers, the most sold game record for over 15 years. It caused people to not care if they owned a gazillion Atari cartridges already, Nintendo was where all of the serious gamers were. Then, everyone wanted Mario and Nintendo-branded games, even those who owned zero home video game consoles. Nick fears that everyone will want ChromeOS and Linux systems in order to get to the internet faster than what Microsoft can offer.

The truth of the matter is Gandhi-Con4 has already started.  Brazil, the 10th largest world economy and growing, dumped Microsoft in favor of Linux years ago in a desire for transparency and has been tickeled pink ever since. The French Army just quit Outlook in favor of the open source email client, Thunderbird. It does not stop there, remember, countries in every corner of the world have ordered One-Laptop-Per-Child netbooks that run Linux. Tax-payers of the world will see this trend and get sick and tired of seeing that Microsoft is on their corporate welfare dole.

With killer applications abound, Microsoft will not hold majority market share come June 30, 2011.

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2 Responses to Killer Applications that make 800 pound gorillas tremble

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  2. Júlio says:

    I’m brazilian…

    The gov really is making a smart switch (but slow) to Linux. There’s a lot of workstations that still works with Windows, but it is about to end.

    The problem here isn’t the governmental and/or commercial Linux piece of market, but the regular desktop user.

    Brazil has a lot of projects to bring computers to everyone’s house. Like “Computador para todos” (Computer for everyone). That’s really good… more and more people are buying computers. But… … they don’t know how to use it!!!

    Few people know the power of a computer, here. So they use it just for two simple things: MSN (Windows Live Messenger) and Orkut (google’s social network).

    Most os them don’t know how to do more than that… seriously!

    Computers have been treated here like a TV. “Install it and use”… is it so simple? What are bits? And folders? What is a file? Home Movies?! How that works?

    After some time this user will need to do something like burn a CD with few pictures. How will he do that? He doesn’t know a computer works! So he will ask for help with someone else who is a “computer rock star”.

    He will learn that to burn a CD is necessary to use NERO and click there and there, so it’s done…

    It probably will happen with any other needed task.

    It is a serious problem because the user will never be flexible… without Nero he’ll never burn a CD. No MS Word, no text. No Media Player, no music. No codecs packs, no videos. No executable files, no program.

    Brazil for sure is doing amazing job with Linux! Really amazing… but it is really necessary to make people understand the essence of a computer and not the magic recipe for anything. Thus it will be much more easier to switch to Ubuntu, Moblin, Google OS or any other system.

    Sorry for my horrible english XD

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