Seeking the general population

In many ways, I am the exception, not the rule.

I am an American which puts me in 4.53% of the world’s population.

I am over 25 years old with a Bachelor’s degree which puts me with 27.4% of my nation’s most educated adults.

I prefer Linux, which some say put me at 1% of the computer user population. My assertion is the 1% is bogus, but that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about how I seek to reach out to the general public. I struggle with this because I am the exception not the rule. Many of my friends involved with Linux and free and open source software have pointed this out to me. This needs to change. Geek girl meet world. Here I come.

Yesterday was an exceptional day for this blog as 508 new visitors showed up, mostly due to clicking on a link back to this blog I left on the Bing blog. Still, Internet Explorer could not muster up even 5% of my website readers.

If my post to the bing blog makes me an Internet troll, I will own that. It is my intention to encourage people to at least image a world with significantly less Microsoft. Let’s just pretend, for one moment, that all Internet Explorer installations were to vanish. What would we use? How many people would panic and believe that the Internet itself had died? Five percent? Maybe Sixty percent? highly unlikely.

Just to be clear, I am not suggesting that all Internet Explorer users would panic. Also, I assert that many Internet Explorer users may toggle to Firefox based on their mood. All I am saying is that Internet Explorer is not the be-all-end-all of the Internet in the hearts and mind of the majority of the general population.

In order to prove that the world can live with significantly less Microsoft, I need to reach out to the general public. This is why I signed up for Twitter. Do not worry if you are a fan of free software as I will continue to explain why non-proprietary software is better. Hopefully the choir is still with me and will sing with me.

Ultimately, I want people to question their software choices and understand they have a choice. How do I do that with out being elitist or a troll?

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3 Responses to Seeking the general population

  1. Júlio says:

    Some people really think that Windows is part of the computer.

    But I installed Ubuntu for a guy who have bought a computers few weeks ago, and he is using it pretty well. How is it possible?

    He don’t know to much about computers… so it’s much more simple to use Ubuntu.

    The same principle is used by MS. You just need to look at statics…

    Well… it’s obviously that MS is losing it’s market share… but at the same time I fear that we’ll lose it to Apple.

  2. specnaz says:

    Most of those “eager”, new ubuntu users return to uncle Windows within couple of weeks – crying.

  3. Don says:

    Umm, interesting comment. If you think you are in the minority, I’m over 60 and have been using Linux for over 10 years. I have my own email and web servers (all Linux) hosted from my house and I haven’t used IE in years. Currently I do use Firefox, but I also use Opera, Flock, and Safari – all to test my site changes. Last month was a big victory for me, my girlfriend of 13 years finally agreed to make the switch over to Linux and other than a few minor changes (mostly things that needed to look and feel like she is used to) she is happy. My son, who is 27 has also been using Linux for a couple of years now and sees no need to go back to MS. The change from MS to Linux for a basic user is all about how easy it is to use not how much you can do with Linux. They really just want something similar and easy to use, average users are not logically prepared to recognize the benefits of using Linux – that was a lesson I also learned a few years ago. I’m always ready to help someone with Linux, but I’m not going to make them give up a crutch (MS) if they don’t want to.

    Don (Drupal site)

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