Let’s Tweet

What will we use now has a twitter account: wwwuse

The amount of links that people have sent me over private email and facebook have been overwhelming. If you have breaking news to bring to our attention, please leave it in the comments or tweet it. Please tag things that talk about Microsoft’s market share as #wwwuse or put it to our attention with @wwwuse.

EDIT: Or @bethlynn if on Identi.ca

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2 Responses to Let’s Tweet

  1. Why aren’t you using identi.ca instead of Twitter??

    If audience size is the question, then create a secondary twitter user account and autopublish your dents to that (identi.ca can do that). Although I’m still a proponent of quality over quantity any day of the week.

    Foss advocates (which I assume you are) should be using Foss solutions where they exist no?

  2. What Will We Use Editor says:

    @Richard you can follow bethlynn on identi.ca

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