November 2009 market share report

November 2009 was yet another amazing month with 8,450 unique visitors.

That is over 265% growth from October. Since mid July, we will have close to 15,000 unique visitors and growing. In full disclosure, much of the November traffic happened due to someone submitting us to Thank you whomever you are.

No matter how you found us, welcome. This blog is tracking the downfall of Microsoft. It started when Nick bet Beth Lynn $20 that Microsoft would still have majority market share in June 2011. Imagine turning on your computer and not seeing Windows, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Office. More than half of the computing population will do just that if Beth Lynn wins the bet. Civil discussion, even if you are on the Microsoft payroll, is encouraged here.

We use w3counter, an analytics service, to track what our readers are using. By doing so, contributes to a 30,000+ website community which results in the the w3counter global market share report. Anybody can sign up. It is free as long as you have only one website which gets less than 5000 daily visitors. Even if you are already using a paid service, why not give w3counter a try? It is simple to setup too.

W3counter will give you all sorts of information on your visitors such as somebody found this site by typing “is MS Money 95 compatible ble with windows 7” into a search engine. Just in case that was a serious question, I will answer: Please give gnucash a try and report back. Gnucash is free accounting software that runs on
Linux, MacOSX, and Windows. Thanks!

First the November 2009 browser report

Firefox         10,514    74%
Safari             1,132    8%
Mozilla         844     6%
Internet Explorer     555     4%
Identification Blocked     408     3%
Chrome             364 3%
Opera, Sea Monkey, iPhone, Rippers, Konqueror all had less than 1%

Now the November 2009 operating system report
1      Linux      4,026     28%
2     Windows XP     3,456    24%
3     Mac OS X     2,459    17%
4     Windows Vista     2,008    14%
5     Windows 7     1,505    11%
6     Unknown     591    4%
Windows 2003, iPhone OSX, Windows 2000, Android, SunOS, and Palm all
had less than 1%

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2 Responses to November 2009 market share report

  1. Jason says:

    These stats seem to fit your intended audience profile (techies that don’t like Microsoft), so these stats are not really a surpirse. It’s interesting to note that my blog has about 60% IE users and 40% others, while yours has 74% Firefox users and 4% IE users. Good job reaching your audience, now you need to turn that audience into some revenue. 🙂

  2. Susana says:

    The commonest ones I’ve come aocsrs are fedora (red hat desktop version), ubuntu, suse, knoppix, probably in that order. But that may not be representative, it’s just what I’ve come aocsrs as ones used by people I work with. I know that ubuntu and knoppix come as live CDs not sure about the others I’ve listed above.I’m using ubuntu at the moment. So my view is that that is the best and most popular but that is *only* my opinion.Download a few and try them out, give them a couple of hours trial and see which you like best. What will it cost? download time and a few blank CDs.Probably a more important question for you to consider is do you prefer KDE as a desktop or Gnome as a desktop. For some distributions you can choose, for some you are stuck with one or the otherBut I’m not using a live CD I’ve found they are disproportionately slow cos they’re running off the CD not the hard disk great for playing with, not so great for

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