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More FUD Please

A commenter a few posts back assertsthat I, Beth Lynn Eicher, give the Free and Open Source community a bad name because I said that Microsoft executes Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt. I could site example by example of where Microsoft spends their time, money, … Continue reading

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Mark Shuttleworth dials it up a notch while Jane Silber takes the lead

On August 20, 2004, Mark Shuttleworth filed the first trouble ticket that affects the Ubuntu Linux distribution:  “Microsoft has a majority market share.” This blog is based on the bet that this very issue will be resolved by June 30, … Continue reading

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When does marketing software become political?

I believe it should be an obvious idea that clean air is good. Telling the world they want to breathe less pollutantsis a lot like telling everyone that free and open source software is in their best interest. Even though it seems like common sense to … Continue reading

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What would Al Gore use?

Almost a month ago I asked the “what will we use” question of the former United States Senator and Vice President because he had the forsight to invest in Google instead of taking Bill Gates’ mobile computing promises to heart. I don’t blame him … Continue reading

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Killer Applications that make 800 pound gorillas tremble

We have only 575 days until Microsoft’s market share crumbles. Some may call me crazy since even more favorable market share counters like w3counter list Linux market share hovering close to 2% and MacOSX close to 7.5%. Why do I maintain … Continue reading

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Open Office’s market share in my circle of influence

I believe in something that Stephen Covey calls the “Circle of Influence.” Even though I am only one person, when I need something really important accomplished, I start with the areas of my life that I can personally change. By … Continue reading

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Talking to the 800 pound Gorilla

Gorilla Originally uploaded by just4u2009 In addition to my quest to reach out to the general public, I desire to have discussion with the 800 pound Gorilla in the room. So far I have been using the wwwuse twitter account … Continue reading

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Seeking the general population

In many ways, I am the exception, not the rule. I am an American which puts me in 4.53% of the world’s population. I am over 25 years old with a Bachelor’s degree which puts me with 27.4% of my … Continue reading

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Why do I care if Bing goes down?

The short answer is that it is the default search engine of Internet Explorer. This outage made people realize, at least for 40 minutes, that there are tools out there other than Microsoft. The claim that Microsoft has majority market … Continue reading

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Let’s Tweet

What will we use now has a twitter account: wwwuse The amount of links that people have sent me over private email and facebook have been overwhelming. If you have breaking news to bring to our attention, please leave it … Continue reading

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