Need an app for that? MOTU Mackenzie Morgan has us covered

Congratulations to Mackenzie Morgan, who is one of Ubuntu’s newest members of the “Masters of the Universe” MOTU team.

For those who do not know, Mackenzie is a co-editor of this blog. Even though she has not been writing lately, she has faithfully approved comments and made sure there were not any typos in the other authors’ articles. Also, Mackenzie has been with the “What Will We Use” mission from the very beginning because she witnessed the bet behind this blog.

Mackenzie’s new status as a MOTU is important because she will be formally responsible to screening and packaging software and other free content for the Ubuntu Universe archive. The content within “the universe” is available under the Ubuntu Software Center. Within the Ubuntu Software Center, a user can search for free applications by keyword, download, unpack, and install the software with any applicable dependencies and libraries, and setup the icons in the launcher all with a few clicks of the mouse. It is really a very simple user experience. Don’t take my word for it though, see it for yourself.

With the software provided within Ubuntu’s main, universe, and multiverse via Ubuntu Software Center, Ubuntu users receive high quality and virus-free software which is optimized for Ubuntu without any cost to the user. It makes the current paradigm of going to the computer software store to purchase a shrink-wrapped proprietary piece of software outdated, slow, expensive, and risky.

If you are a Microsoft or Apple user who still thinks Linux is not going to gain significant market share because you do not see shrink-wrapped boxes on the store shelves, consider the possibility that the reason why the software is not there is that the Linux community has found a better way of software delivery via the work of talented programmers such as Mackenzie Morgan. Still think shrink wrapped store bought software is more trustworthy? I challenge you to get a refund from either the store or the software vendor if you are dissatisfied by the quality standards of their product.

June 30, 2011: Microsoft will lack majority market share.

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4 Responses to Need an app for that? MOTU Mackenzie Morgan has us covered

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  2. klaatu says:

    Wow, way to go Maco! congrats!

  3. Vance says:

    Cool, universe is a huge benefit. I have helped people set up both CentOS and Ubuntu servers, and it was so nice not to have to set up third-party repositories on Ubuntu to get the packages we needed.

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