Browser and Operating System Report – October 2009

The month of October was simply amazing. We had 3,170 unique ip addresses. When we compare it to our 869 visitors of September, that is over 350% growth. Admittedly, the increased traffic was due to a news-worthy incident that occurred in the open source community involving two of the editors of this blog. While this did increase the traffic, it was a distraction from the intended message.

This blog is only 4 months old but since we have so many new readers, it is worth restating some high points. I, Beth Lynn Eicher, bet $20 that Microsoft’s market share would be less than 50% on June 30, 2011. I am not insulted if you think I am crazy for making this claim. Every plan begins with a “YES we can!” vision. You do not need to agree with me to follow this blog.  Please comment if you disagree, especially if you are on the Microsoft payroll. All that is required is some genuine interest in intelligent discussion on Microsoft’s market share over the next 20 months. So far, the readers have been primarily from the Open Source community but this blog is also for Microsoft users so that they can discuss their satisfaction levels of Microsoft products.

The work of providing actual market share trend figures is difficult to do, especially since is an leisure effort. I lack a marketing budget in which to buy professional projections which cost thousands of dollars. Instead, I use w3counter, a free web statistics service for websites and blogs, and follow their global statistics. In my opinion, w3counter gives the most accurate values because it allows regular people like me to allow the people in my social network to be counted. Competing products are only available to those with products to sell which I suspect is heavily weighted by what professional buyers are using in wealthy English speaking countries. Since quite a few Search Engine Optimization blogs have linked my post on how and why w3counter is useful to you, me, and everybody, I am convinced that community-oriented web statistics with w3counter yield excellent results. If you are a blogger of any sort and want to get some free statistics on who your readers are, I highly recommend w3counter, regardless of what operating system and web browser you use.

Alright, on with the statistics arleady. Here is the traffic we observed on out of 3,170 unique visitors….

First Web Browsers:


1. Firefox      3,398      58%
2. Safari     815     14%
3. Mozilla     551     9%
4. Identification Blocked     335     6%
5. Internet Explorer     275     5%
6. Chrome     207     4%
7. Opera     70     1%

Operating Systems:operatingsystemNov2009

1.  Linux      2,524      43%
2.  Mac OS X     1,174     20%
3.  Windows XP     1,101     19%
4.  Unknown     415     7%
5.  Windows Vista     371     6%
6.  Windows 7     168     3%
7.  iPhone OSX     38     <1%

Click on the W3Counter logo to see the Browser/Operating system global report for October 2009

Notes on the global browser statistics:

Microsoft has less than 52% market share if you include IE6 which Microsoft no longer supported by Microsoft. If you ignore IE6 because it is a retired product as far as Microsoft is concerned,  Microsoft has only 38.39% of the browser market share.

Notes on the global operating systems:

These statistics do not break out full licensed copies of Windows 7 from the Release Candidate. Keep in mind that both MacOSX and Linux increased their market share during the month of the Windows 7 launch.

Notes on global diversity:

64.2% of the statistics are from non-English speaking countries.

Microsoft will have less than 50% market share on June 30, 2011.

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About What Will We Use Editor

I am a Linux idealist who is committed to reporting on the status of Microsoft's market share until June 30, 2011. This journey started as a friendly wager between Nick and I at the South East LinuxFest in June 2009.
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One Response to Browser and Operating System Report – October 2009

  1. Patrick says:

    Well I do think you’re crazy with your claim, but I hope you’re right about it anyway ;).
    Would be awesome if this sites statistics were representative for the whole Internet though. However, additionally to the statistics I think we can also count a lot of low-tech Linux bases systems in 3rd world countries used for education. I think the integration of under developed countries in our digital age will heavily rely on open source products like Linux (not only for price, but also for portability [think cheap ARM based machines], security, updatability and customization of interfaces) and thus push the marked share a lot although it often goes unnoticed because they of course lack access to the Internet and there’s really no reliable way to gather market share in terms of total installs (even for Microsoft if you include pirated copies or copies just lying around somewhere at home – like my XP and Vista copies).

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