Open Source outside the USA

As an American, I see the “Noboby gets fired for buying Microsoft”
continuing to the the commonplace. Microsoft’s products have a habit of forcing institutions to deploy more of their products and upgrade their products. Take this example of how SharePoint 2007 is such a drag with Office XP or 2003 that customers cave and upgrade to Office 2007. Don’t they know that there are outstanding patent issues with Word 2007? Well, at least Motorola got the memo.

Toronto Open Source WeekWell, Toronto Mayor, David Miller did get the memo. As Mr. Miller wrote in a proclamation:

“Through Open Source, communities, cities and nations around the world are presented with the opportunity to promote and actively nurture an environment of learning, collaboration and innovation.”

Apparently, Mr. Miller was so impressed by Open Source that he named this last week in October “Open Source Week.” On October 24, 2009, to kickoff the celebration for what Open Source has done for Canadians and the world, the Ontario LinuxFest has planned quite the speaker lineup: starting with a keynote from Zonker on how the Linux community can make the year of the Linux desktop a reality.

An inherent trust in Microsoft’s products seems to be an American theme. Outside the Untied States, it might be a different story. I am going to the Ontario LinuxFest to investigate.

Microsoft will lose majority market share: June 30, 2011.

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  1. the entire wu tang clan says:

    In my experience it’s not as much trust in Microsoft’s products as it is reliance. The reliance is on proprietary document formats, platform-specific software and other lock-in functions. It is caused by (and continues) monoculture. It’s the same with the Apple iPod too, haw haw.

    With that in mind, I have a trust in what to expect from Microsoft products because it’s what I’ve used and supported in business. I don’t have a trust in other products because I haven’t seen them doing the same job. Alas…

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