Not in my neighborhood: mikeeUSA removed from sourceforge

TRIGGER WARNING: Victims of violence or sexual assault may want to stop reading. (I’ll try to be as mild as possible.)

Today, Tuesday October 13, 2009 the character known as “mikeeUSA” has been removed from as well as the projects in which he was the sole contributor.

For those who do not know, mikeeUSA is an Internet troll who advocates violence against women and believes that it is his God-given right as a man to do so. He gets his jollies out of threatening women open source developers, as he has recently bothered the co-editor of this blog, Mackenzie Morgan.

mikeeUSA considers himself a significant open source contributor and has used his commits to his “projects” on sourceforge as his justification as to why he merits more than the female open source contributors he has insulted or threatened. This is not a simple difference of opinion as to what is offensive. mikeeUSA has been removed from communities, most recently the community, for the extensively violent nature of his language and descriptions.

Since mikeeUSA thinks his code was of substantial quality, I downloaded a few packages and took a look for myself. There was one full program which was a text based slot machine game which displayed messages encouraging the denial of women’s rights. He also developed game add-ons, levels, and maps for already existing GPL-ed games. At best, these game components would include comments that would promote his agenda. At worst, the components would engage the player with his hateful themes. Sometimes variable names and function calls included evidence of hate-speech. Even if one were to ignore the politics of mikeeUSA, the product is not very good: low quality, dysfunctional, and not fun. The Nexuiz gaming community has repeatedly rejected his submissions. The reality is, just because you include a copy of GPLv2, it does not make you an open source rockstar. mikeeUSA’s claims of being a renowned open source contributor are unfounded. Now that the mikeeusa’s account has been disabled, it is unlikely that mikeeusa will be able to release anything with opportunity of claiming major open source contribution under a world-wide distribution ever again.

No one has the right to harass or threaten another human being. I don’t care who you think you are. If you have encountered mikeeUSA, do not be ashamed. As a community we will stand together to ensure safety in the open source neighborhood for all.

I am Beth Lynn Eicher, a director of the Ohio LinuxFest. As a concerned citizen of the open source neighborhood, I submitted a code review to for and recommended removal of mikeeusa.  This was unpleasant reading but it had to be done in the name of neighborhood safety. The unfortunate content was the responsibility of mikeeusa’s alone. Sourceforge has over 230,000 projects they host. There two million users who release responsible high quality content that benefits the global society via Users who creates content that is against the terms of use are subject to review for potential removal. The volume prohibits them from verifying every project that they host, yet they are receptive to community feedback. Thanks to the reviewers at their legal team who also had to read mikeeusa’s vile code, my request for removal was approved.

I am incredibly grateful to as they have proven themselves valuable parts  of the open source community by fulfilling the removal request. If you are in need of assistance, I suggest you contact with the specifics. Alternatively, you can email me if you are shy at bethlynn AT ohiolinux DOT org.

To my fellow open source citizens, do keep vigilant for aggressive activity. I am not afraid to fight for the open source neighborhood to be safe and family environment.

Update: October 19, 2009

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I am a Linux idealist who is committed to reporting on the status of Microsoft's market share until June 30, 2011. This journey started as a friendly wager between Nick and I at the South East LinuxFest in June 2009.
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36 Responses to Not in my neighborhood: mikeeUSA removed from sourceforge

  1. Rikki Kite says:

    Thanks, Beth Lynn! You’re fabulous and set a great example for everyone else!

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  3. Martijn Verburg says:

    Nice work!

  4. Daniel says:

    As a member of the nexuiz community and opensource advocate in general, I really want to thank you for this! I agree that your actions against this, well that should not be spoken loudly.. this troll are a great example for everyone else!

  5. Terri says:

    Thanks Beth Lynn! I can’t imagine having to read that code, but I’m really glad you were able to do it and get him pushed further out of the open source community.

  6. Rick Scott says:

    Great news! Thanks so much for your work on this!

  7. Thank you! Your post is very well written and your actions well thought-out. Reasonable people will win out in the end. Carry on!

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  9. infinity linden says:

    Thx beth. I’ve always wondered what the (open source) world would be like without harrassing trolls. Looks like we’re one step closer to finding out.

  10. grammar nazi says:

    insure vs ensure

  11. Mackenzie says:

    insure vs ensure

    Fixed! Thanks

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  14. Bobbie Lynn Eicher says:

    I’m glad to hear that the details we were combing through a few days ago ended up giving you the material you needed to get his ‘contributions’ reviewed. I’m sure Sourceforge is pleased to no longer be devoting their server space and bandwidth to supporting materials of the obvious dubious social and technological value that we were talking about.

    You’ve done a great thing by being proactive in settling this.

  15. Rebeca says:

    Thanks, Beth Lynn.

  16. What Will We Use Editor says:

    thanks sis. your skills really came in handy.

  17. James Jones says:

    It’s a shame that there are people like that out there. Thanks, Ms. Eicher, for doing the open source world a great service.

  18. David Pitts says:

    Good for you! I heard about this cretin through Rich Bowen. Glad to hear that the community at large is dealing with its issues. ++

  19. koipond says:


    Thank you for using the peer review system for one of the reasons it was meant for.

  20. Jonquil says:

    Thank you for speaking up.

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  22. Roger Curtis says:

    You go girl! Thank you so much for being courageous and doing the right thing. I appreciate it. My daughter appreciates it. We all appreciate it.

    R. Curtis

  23. twitter says:

    Bravo. There really are not many of these people around but they can do a lot of harm. Kicking them out until they grow up will make the places where normal people hang out much nicer. Commercial trolls are a little more subtle but do most of the same things for money. Here is a collection of Slashdot Trolls. Thank you for showing that action can be taken.

  24. I don’t disagree that this character is odious and awful…

    Alas, I’m not sure that this necessarily *helps.*

    Mike’s presumably still where ever he is, and presumably hasn’t lost any of his odious opinions.

    Indeed, by attacking him, there’s a sense in which you validate his opinions. I’m certain *he* has no difficulty believing that he’s being persecuted by women, and your success at booting him off SourceForge will underline that to him.

    Unfortunately, this matters, because it’s liable to put more venom in his belly.

    The things he has been acting out on web fora may turn into things he acts out physically, which would presumably be a mighty bad thing for whatever woman might be nearby to him.

    The principle seems to apply fairly widely… Shutting up bigots doesn’t stop them from being bigots (whether it’s about sexism or racism), and it would be a mistake to imagine that the result of this has been to “eliminate a bigot.” There’s a lot of bigots about who simply know when to keep their mouths shut.

    I vigorously disagree with the comment to the effect of “kicking them out until they grow up” – it’s entirely plausible that this fellow’s character (bigoted and all) has matured as much as it’s likely to. It’s wishful to imagine that he’ll suddenly become joy and smiles :-(.

    I guess I’m glad something was done about him, as that seems necessary. But we should not fool ourselves into thinking that this is a complete resolution of the issue.

  25. BaVinic says:

    I have never had dealings with this person of whom you speak, and I am not privy to the issue at hand, but I do wish to applaud you for taking a stand against this type of “terror” no one ANYWHERE should ever have to be treated with such disrespect by anyone. The open source community has provided us with uncountable advances in just about every field you can think of, this type of behavior will keep people from submitting new ideas, and worse of all, it will keep women out of the open source arena, and that in and of itself would be a loss that cannot be tolerated. again, I applaud you for your actions, as a man, I am ashamed of any man who thinks threatening or hurting a woman is a right, it is not. it is a shame.

  26. linuxiac38 says:

    He actually advocates the overthrow of the Bill of Rights!!!

    As a major part of his idiot agenda, he avidly advocates the truncation of the First and Second Amendments!

    He wants to take away our Free Speech, and our weapons that defend it!

    Also, after reading his bilious oral vomit on many website communities, I applaud and will defend those who have made the correct action of removing this vile anachronism.

    Thank you for defending our Bill of Rights, and the Constitution of the United States!

    Sincerely, A retired Veteran, and current Patriot.

  27. Jeffrey Wisniewski says:

    People have a right to their opinions until they are hurting other people. Now he can make his comments in the privacy of his own cave and not force them onto everybody that the internet touches.

  28. Michael says:

    Sad part about the internet, anybody can say what they please without much consequences.

  29. Jakob Markström Gröhn says:

    Hi Beth Lynn Eicher, just wanted to say thank you and well done. I am a admin of the forums, I have had my fair share of banning/moderating Mikee at above mentioned forums (funny enough i found this page from a post mikee made there complaining about it).

    The internet, and especially, as it stands today is a better place tnx to your efforts.

    For the ppl who advocate doing nothing or are sad and the lack of consequences on the net, heres some food for tough – the internet’s a true democracy (or anarchy i guess 😉 – the users decides whats ok or not. And saying its not ok is just as much (probably more so) for concern of other ppl then it is about punishing or making the “wrongee get better”. After all, the majority of ppl get rather upset by the way mikee acts.

  30. Bill says:

    hi as stumler I found this good work but you need to pass on details to your federal authories to realy stop this coward else it will just move to over site or countries here in aussie it would be prohibted from all comupters at least. report this coward before it does bodyly harm all the best Bill

  31. Hat says:

    So much for “Free as in speech” huh?

  32. www2 says:

    Thx for banding him form
    As a forum admin and small contributor of the vega strike project i heft a fare share of using the ban hammer to him.

  33. ewt4w36yt3645 says:

    And so, MikeeUSA was given the boot, and nothing of value was lost.

  34. Matt says:

    While there is a time for both of the sexes to poke fun at each other in jest, this is not the place for it. We’re all humans and just as capable as the next if we are willing. Thanks for getting rid of this scum.

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  36. Rachel says:

    It’s always heartening to see and hear about common courtesy winning at the end of the day.

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