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Windows 7 launch party

It has been a week now since the Windows 7 release. I confess that I had not picked up my own copy in the store yet. Seeing that I don’t live near a brick and mortar Microsoft store, I have … Continue reading

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What should I use?

I have many computers at home. The system I am typing on right now is a netbook running Ubuntu 9.04 UNR. I do own a full sized laptop but it was out for repair. The hard drive died however the … Continue reading

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Moving on as a community

This blog took a slight detour from its purpose: studying Microsoft’s market share status until June 30, 2011. After this post, I promise we will get back to our regular content. Sorry for the inconvenience. Trigger warning: some linked pages … Continue reading

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Not in my neighborhood: mikeeUSA removed from sourceforge

TRIGGER WARNING: Victims of violence or sexual assault may want to stop reading. (I’ll try to be as mild as possible.) Today, Tuesday October 13, 2009 the character known as “mikeeUSA” has been removed from as well as the … Continue reading

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Open Source outside the USA

As an American, I see the “Noboby gets fired for buying Microsoft” continuing to the the commonplace. Microsoft’s products have a habit of forcing institutions to deploy more of their products and upgrade their products. Take this example of how … Continue reading

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Microsoft starts an open source non-profit of their own

Microsoft provided the desktop operating system for the first PC in my childhood middle-class American home. The year was 1992. This thing came with DOS 5.0 with Windows 3.0, no word processor, and a trial for a faux internet online … Continue reading

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What will we use at “Ubuntu Open Week”

I will be leading a discussion on the status of Microsoft’s market share at Ubuntu Open Week. Stay tuned and save the date: Friday November 6th. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

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The battle before the war

There is just too much adversity in the open source community, and sadly sometimes it comes from within. There are two blogs going at it, “BoycottNovell” and “BoycottboycottNovell”… Lefty of BBN writes about those who are fighting for free and … Continue reading

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September Operating System Stats

In September 2009, had 869 unquie visitors. 1      Linux      1,336      50% 2     Mac OS X     490     18% 3     Windows XP     403     15% 4     Unknown     185     7% 5 … Continue reading

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September Browser report

In September 2009, had 869 unquie visitors. Firefox      1,537      58% Safari     419     16% Mozilla     274     10% Identification Blocked     143     5% Internet Explorer     115     4% Chrome     54     2% … Continue reading

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