its not about the money for me

Yahoo’s stock tanked yesterday which closed at 15.14 -2.08‎ (-12.08%‎).Today  there wasn’t a rebound closing at 14.60< -0.54‎ (-3.57%‎). Microsoft remained pretty much the same.

Just in case you had not heard why, it is because yahoo has rented for 10 years to Microsoft their search engine brand pending the OK from the government. Microsoft did not buy Yahoo like I predicted. It is unclear to me when the 10 year clock starts, but the transformation will not be overnight. It will be outside of the time scope of June 30, 2011 before Yahoo realises if this was a good move or not for them. In the meantime, Yahoo can get back to the business of making money.Note that Yahoo’s CEO’s last words on the issue. Yahoo will be a fierce competitor to Microsoft.

Ms. Bartz knows what she is doing. I, on the other hand, don’t know how to make money off of the internet.

While setting up this site it dawned on me that the majority of internet revenue is advertising of other people’s websites. The art of selling ads is the cash cow behind Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Razorfish. Making interesting media content is just a way to pull people in to see your ads. The hosting company where resides has suggested that I use Google Adsense to monetise this site.

In this deal, Microsoft will do the expensive work of maintaining a search engine and Yahoo will monetise. Microsoft will give Yahoo monetisation opportunities on Microsoft’s websites too. Sounds good for Yahoo and bad for Microsoft.

is the process of turning just about anything into cash in your pocket. I haven’t decided if we should sell ads here because I’m concerned that it will compromise the message. Besides, I moved away from a free blog service because I was uncomfortable with some of the ads they use. Since then I’ve spent about $400 setting up this website and making sure I have the tools to carry out this two year journey. Yup. I’ve invested over 200% of the bet jackpot to make sure I win.

There is a myth out there that Linux and non-Linux users believe that I want to discuss right now.

Myth: Linux users are cheapskates that do not want to pay for Microsoft products.

In Elaina’s case, initially you could say that it is true. After tasting the difference, Elaina now has no desire to buy another Microsoft product because she tells me Linux is so much easier for her to use.

I spend lots of money on technology for my personal use. Very little of it ends up going to Microsoft. I also click on ads from time to time while on the internet.

In the past 12 months I’ve bought with my own money…

  • $400 laptop that runs Linux. It came with a Vista license but I did not accept the end-user agreement.
  • $400 for a series 3 TIVO which uses the Linux kernel. Does Microsoft Media Center do HDTV?
  • $180 for the Eee PC running Linux including the RAM upgrade which I am posting right now.
  • $800 Registration and travel costs for the Ohio Linuxfest, Ontario Linuxfest, and South East LinuxFest.
  • $200 wifi at various hotels and other internet services, ignoring the $400 I already mentioned that I paid for this site.
  • $100 a scanner/printer.
  • $125/month for my cell phone coverage. My phone runs PalmOS and I paid $100 more for the hardware because I didn’t want the Windows version.
  • $125 membership dues to the Free Software Foundation.
  • $20 for dues for Western PA Linux User Group.

What do you say folks? Should we monetise ?

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2 Responses to its not about the money for me

  1. Kevin Otte says:

    Linux users are cheapskates connoisseurs that do not want to pay for Microsoft shoddy products.

    OK, I can’t speak for us all, but I spend the money I saved not having to buy my OS on better hardware. Less time fighting with poor quality hardware gives me more time to contribute back to open source!

    Also, one vote “no” for ads. I agree that it would detract from the message.

  2. the entire wu tang clan says:

    Free software allows those with less to do much more. The Che Guevara tshirt of software. Hmm…

    Please write something about

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