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First of all, I have to say thank you to the readers who followed me over from my personal livejournal blog.  It will stay there if there is something in my personal life that I, Beth Lynn Eicher, wish to tell the entire world about.

When I first started this discussion two weeks ago, I had no idea that the future of operating system, browser, and office suite usage would be so interesting to so many people.  What I thought was just a personal debate  between Nick and I, turned into something serious which demanded professional blogger-journalist tools.

It turned out to be a very great move because here we will be able to do the following:

  1. Track Ubuntu – Bug One – Microsoft has majority market share status of the visitors of this website. Thanks to the folks at we see if bug one exists for the vistiors of this website.
  2. Anonymous comments can be efficiently handled with akismet. As before, intelligent discussion, even those who disagree, will be encouraged.
  3. Have multiple writers tracking the status. So far it is myself, Beth Lynn Eicher, and Mackenize Morgan who will be writing for this blog. If you want to commit to this 2 year journey and blog here about how Microsoft or the alternatives are doing, leave us a comment. Writers who are Apple or Microsoft apologists are welcome. You do not have to agree with the prediction to write with us.  All you have to do is write about who is using what and why.
  4. Advertising on will be under the editorial control.

Had I moved onto a Microsoft/IIS server based web log technology like SharePoint, I would not have had benefits of moving points 1&2.  Instead I am using Centos 5.1 GNU/Linux with Apache and WordPress. Why use Microsoft when the Free Software alternatives we use instead work so well?

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