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its not about the money for me

Yahoo’s stock tanked yesterday which closed at 15.14 -2.08‎ (-12.08%‎).Today  there wasn’t a rebound closing at 14.60< -0.54‎ (-3.57%‎). Microsoft remained pretty much the same. Just in case you had not heard why, it is because yahoo has rented for 10 … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s other market shares

Shares of Microsoft closed today, July 27, 2009 at $23.11. I looked it up since other bloggers keep claiming that Microsoft is going to buy Yahoo. Now, before I say anything more, I do need to disclose that I am … Continue reading

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Does anyone really love Microsoft?

What a day folks. The unique visitor count is pushing 400 now. That’s fourfold growth in 24 hours. Amazing. Did you know that Microsoft today has finished the RTM release of Windows 7. If you are one of the corporations … Continue reading

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How will we count

On Friday, July 17 2009 this blog was was officially relaunched. It has been 5 days and we have had 126 unique visitors as tracked with W3Counter and Site Analytics that came with the hosting account. It has been quite … Continue reading

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By Developers For Developers

That GUIs on Linux were designed by developers for developers is a common criticism, but does it still hold true?  The tide seems to be turning, at least if the areas of FOSS inhabited by Ubuntu and KDE are any … Continue reading

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Linux is great but who’s going to support it?

I am an IT professional with 10 years experience supporting Linux. Over the years I keep hearing the Linux is not for the casual user because it is too difficult to use and support argument.  For the first 9 years … Continue reading

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Elaina asks “Why isn’t everyone running Linux”

In April, my friend Elaina from junior high days called me because I “do computer stuff.”  Elaina is a stay at home mom of three (kids ages 10,5,and 6 months) and had just received a free computer from another one … Continue reading

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Admin: Welcome home

First of all, I have to say thank you to the readers who followed me over from my personal livejournal blog.  It will stay there if there is something in my personal life that I, Beth Lynn Eicher, wish to … Continue reading

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post 730: Ballmer: Linux More Dangerous than Apple

I say that we are in Gandhicon3 because Microsoft is targeting the Linux community. In the first years of Linux, it was easy to ignore since the user base was so small. Then free software was mocked with “just for … Continue reading

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