post 2: Why I am doing this = GandhiCon3

When I first saw bug 1, “Microsoft has a majority market share” I felt disappointed in the Cannonical and Ubuntu for measuring itself in an adversarial manner instead of concentrating its efforts of making Ubuntu the best operating system ever. I also felt compassion for those who enjoy Microsoft products and accepted that Microsoft would always have a strong market presence. People will use the best product for them. All of that has changed. I feel like I’m on top of mountain watching a few pebbles shift. I can feel the avalanche coming. I see many causes in motion. Microsoft’s current business practices are the wind that gives speed to the pebbles. All I am doing here is delivering a notice that unless several of these causes halt soon, the change will come exponentially in an yielding fashion. In a way, I am more than just an observer. With my work with The Ohio Linuxfest the fruits are not measurable. Even if bug one wasn’t communicated, I would still be a free software idealist who is happy to see what is afoot. The facts will come out more in future posts but I am sure that Microsoft feels threatened. It’s GandhiCon3 time. As Eric Raymond pointed out “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.”

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  1. landley says:

    Actually I’m the one who came up with the phrase Gandhi-con. (I was standing right behind Eric reading over his shoulder while he was writing something. Possibly the first OSI position paper on SCO?)

    That’s why he later incorporated it into the jargon file, and people complained that he was putting phrases he’d invented in there. That’s because he didn’t, I did. People quoted it back at him and he didn’t quite remember where it came from, just that it hadn’t been him…

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