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talking excitedly right after the confrontation. We got into an argument with Luis the manager upon our return who asked us about our receipt if we paid one of his guyshelpful experts at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension have … Continue reading

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The Benefits of a VPS and Linux

The following is a guest post from Jean Watson, Advertising writer Ms. Watson will discuss how you can use a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to leverage the power of the Linux cloud for a dollar a day… or less! … Continue reading

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The Year of the Linux Desktop is not going to happen

I chatted with Ohio LinuxFest Open Source Solutions Stage speaker, Phil Robb – manager of HP’s Open Source Program Office. The discussion took us through his talk This is the Year of the Irrelevance of the Desktop, what it was … Continue reading

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Government Saves Lives with Free Software

Graduated from college at the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors of Science in Information Science ten years ago. It would not have been possible without my mother, Susan Rose. Mom is a Registered Nurse for the Veterans Administration who … Continue reading

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Taking a Pause For Ohio LinuxFest

I have been posting very little recently as I have been busy working with the Ohio LinuxFest. We have an awesome schedule line-up with Free talks: Jon Maddog Hall to deliver the kick-off keynote Friday September 10, Stormy Peters to … Continue reading

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What will I buy?

Regardless of what Darryl the Microsoft fanbody VMS developer from Australia does, I bought stocks celebrate the wonderful success of What Will We Use. What Did I Buy 20 shares of ARMH– the low-power microprocessor behind Apple iPhone 4 and … Continue reading

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A year from today Microsoft will lack a majority market share.

One year ago at the South East LinuxFest, I, Beth Lynn Eicher indulged in a friendly bet with my friend Nick. “Ubuntu’s Bug One will be resolved in 24 months,” I said. “I’ll bet you $20 that bug one is … Continue reading

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Microsoft lacks edge

Yesterday Microsoft decided to sue Salesforce, a web based customer relations management (CRM) system. Microsoft’s beef? They do not like how Salesforce displays menus in browsers. Now, I prefer SugarCRM, an open source product similar to Salesforce. Microsoft also has … Continue reading

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One neighborhood changing the world part two

I have never met Mr. Starks, better known as Helios. Nor visited his educational charity, the HeliOS Project in Austin Texas. Yet, I was glad to be able to help. My job as a Linux system administrator, a debt-free life … Continue reading

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Forecasts for 2010, 2011, and beyond

This website and associated services has cost me over $350 for the full 2 years of service. I admit that it is a little silly over a $20 bet. When some people make predictions, they say something without ever expecting … Continue reading

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